Karnataka: II PU chemistry paper re-exam rescheduled

31 Mar 2016 | Written by Ramya ; Edited by Gaurav
Karnataka: Chaos of leaked question papers

Karnataka Education Minister announced that the chemistry re-exam (scheduled for today) has been postponed to 12 April.

A three-member commission was constituted to ensure that the re-exam is conducted smoothly, and Ratnakar urged the CID to investigate into the matter at the earliest.

He also added that 40 examination cell members of the DPUE have been suspended immediately following the re-exam question paper leak.

In context: Karnataka: Chaos of leaked question papers

21 Mar 2016II PU question paper leaked in Karnataka

Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka had stated that they received a phone-call at 7:30 am to alert them about the II PU Chemistry question paper leak.

Authorities said that an anonymous Bengaluru II PU science student had forwarded handwritten question papers to them sent by his classmate, which were doing rounds on WhatsApp.

The state-government had cancelled the examination after receiving a DPUE report.

Handwritten question paper matches with original question paper

The DPUE authorities had found that all the questions from the original question paper had matched with 36 questions in the forwarded handwritten question papers. A committee was expected to be setup to probe into the incident.
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Bengaluru not source of paper leak: Officials

21 Mar 2016Bengaluru not source of paper leak: Officials

After preliminary investigation, the officials refused to give details about the source of the leak but denied that it was from Bengaluru.

Ajay Seth, Principal Secretary, Primary and Secondary Education, had stated that question papers were not opened in Bengaluru when they received the phone call.

Some other students had also reported that they got offers for leaked question papers in return for money.

Exam cancellation worries students

The II Pre-University science students were worried about the cancellation of the chemistry exam and hoped that the re-examination wouldn’t clash with the IIT-JEE in April. Many of the students were unaware of the cancellation till the evening.

22 Mar 2016Students sign online petition opposing re-exam

After the news of the re-exam broke, students started an online petition titled – '2nd PUC Chemistry re-exam problems– why it should not happen.'

They tagged the DPUE Director in the petition, signed by over 100 students, which lists out reasons as to why the exam shouldn't be cancelled.

The students argued that it wasn't their fault then why should they pay the price.

Leaked question papers, not the first

In 2012, Karnataka DPUE had rescheduled 15 examinations after their question papers were leaked. The authorities had to suspend 14 government college lecturers for their alleged involvement, and CID had arrested 10 people in connection with the case.
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25 Mar 2016Karnataka Education Minister finalizes re-exam date

The Karnataka Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Kimmane Ratnakar had announced that the re-exam for the cancelled chemistry paper would take place on 31 March 2016.

The decision came after the State minister held a meeting with all the concerned authorities of the education department.

Earlier, two government college lecturers in Kolar were suspended for their suspected involvement in leaking the paper.

31 Mar 2016II PU chemistry re-exam question paper leaked

Authorities informed 1.74 lakh students not to go to their examination centers as the re-exam had been cancelled following a paper leak.

Karnataka government had handed the case over to CID, which had informed DPUE at 3:30 am that the paper was leaked in two places.

This time, 36 questions of the original paper matched completely with those in one of the leaked papers.

BJP protests across Karnataka follow re-exam cancellation

Opposition Leader, Jagadish Shettar held the Congress-led Karnataka government responsible for the second question paper leak in less than ten days. BJP members had staged a protest in the Legislative Assembly demanding the resignation of Education Minister Ratnakar.

31 Mar 2016Karnataka: II PU chemistry paper re-exam rescheduled

5 Apr 2016Karnataka Min's assistant arrested over exam paper leak

An individual identified as Oblaraju, the personal assistant (PA) to Karnataka's Medical Education Minister, and two others have been arrested in connection with the leak of a PUC exam question paper.

The other two individuals were identified by authorities as Rudrappa, a PWD officer, and Manjunath, a teacher in a private college.

The accused are under interrogation to find the source of the leak.