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13 Mar 2018

Hasin Jahan allegedly attacks journalists in Kolkata, breaks camera

Mohammed Shami's wife Hasin Jahan is in a fresh controversy. She allegedly attacked journalists in Kolkata and broke a camera.

In a video, a visibly annoyed Jahan is seen shouting at someone.

Ironically, an India Today correspondent complained how she's the one who revealed everything publicly, but is now "irked" because "the entire media brigade has been following her for the past 2-3 days."

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Hasin Jahan in news for allegedly attacking journalists
Jahan accuses Shami of adultery, torture, domestic violence


Jahan accuses Shami of adultery, torture, domestic violence

The couple hit the headlines when Jahan posted screenshots of his messages with women as well as his photos with his purported girlfriends on Facebook.

She accused him of torturing her and trying to kill her. He had also started beating her, she claimed.

Shami hit back by saying Jahan had lost her mental balance and accused her of trying to sabotage his career.


Both parties interested in out-of-court settlement

On March 9, police charged Shami with serious crimes including attempt to murder and criminal intimidation.

However, both parties have expressed their desire to resolve the matter through talks outside court.

"Only patch-up will do good for us and our daughter," Shami told reporters.

Jahan said, "I have always tried to save my relationship and...I will still try to."

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'She disclosed everything, now wants to stay silent': Reporter complains


'She disclosed everything, now wants to stay silent': Reporter complains

Today, Jahan allegedly lost her cool and attacked journalists outside St. Sebastian's School. She then sped away.

A reporter was allegedly injured and a camera damaged.

Correspondent Manogya Loiwal complained, "She made sure everything Shami had done was in public glare."

"Now that the public wants to know on what's happening, she suddenly...says she wants to keep it low-key. It doesn't work like that."

Jahan got angry when mediaperson asked about personal life: Lawyer

However, Jahan's lawyer claims she got angry when a media person misbehaved. He said the correspondent was questioning her about her personal life.

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