Last-minute tips for CBSE Class 12 Math exam


18 Mar 2018

CBSE Class-12 Math on March 21: Here're some last-minute tips

CBSE Class 12 students will appear their Math exam on March 21. Most are likely busy with frantic revisions.

Math is a strange subject: for many, it is the most important one which can boost overall marks. At the same time, it is the sole source of dread for numerous others.

Here's how you can manage preparations smoothly at the last minute.


Things to keep in mind while preparing

Things to keep in mind while preparing

Focus on revising all concepts and formulae and be clear about their usage.

Emphasize on the NCERT textbook. This is from where most questions are sourced. However, practice from other books too.

Practice sample papers and previous years' question papers within the prescribed time limit.

In the exam, it's better to attempt the questions you know first, so you don't end up wasting time.


Here's how to get the most out of your study-hours

Practice is of utmost importance. Solve sums in due process, there's step-marking involved.

While working on a new chapter, ensure you keep practising sums from previous ones so that the concepts remain fresh in your mind.

Long-answer questions generally come from Algebra, Calculus, Three-Dimensional Geometry, Probability, and Relations and Functions. Prepare accordingly.

Lastly, don't hesitate to contact your teacher in case of any doubt.

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Here are some last-minute tips

Here are some last-minute tips

Try to review your notes on the morning of the exam.

Do not forget your admit card and the additional stationery items needed in your math exam.

Spend the 15 minutes that you get for reading the question paper in arranging which ones you would attempt first.

Remember: the key to doing well in math is practice, practice and more practice. Good luck!

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If I fail in Maths, does Physical Education's marks help me or not?

Give me some tips to attempt all questions.

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If I fail in Maths, does Physical Education's marks help me or not?

Asked 2018-03-19 13:02:49 by Harshit Bansal

Answered by NewsBytes

If you get fail in Maths and pass in Physical Education, then you will be passed by adding marks of top five subjects.

Give me some tips to attempt all questions.

Asked 2018-03-18 21:54:37 by James Tayeng

Answered by NewsBytes

To begin with, you should try and answer the questions on the topics you have prepared well, in stipulated time. Once you ace them, it will give you confidence. Then you should tackle the ones on the topics which are not your forte. Time them out too. But, don't leave all the tough questions for the end.

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