Gurgaon renamed as Gurugram, Mewat as Nuh

13 Apr 2016 | Written by Ramya ; Edited by Gaurav

Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar has announced the decision to rename Gurgaon district as Gurugram, and Mewat district as Nuh.

The decision to rename Gurgaon and Mewat was taken on the basis of representations received at several forums.

Khattar's government kept its election promise and formed a committee to address the renaming issue, which was proposed by Municipal Corporation in 2012.

In context: Restoring the ancient heritage of Gurgaon

Gurgaon- The corporate hub

Gurgaon is a city in Haryana and a part of the National Capital Region. Gurgaon is a leading industrial and financial hub with the third highest per capita income in India. It is home to over 250 ‘Fortune 500’ companies.

9 Feb 2012Municipal councilors propose renaming Gurgaon

The Municipal Councilors of Gurgaon had proposed to rename Gurgaon as 'Guru Gram' and had formed a committee to address the proposal.

Gurgaon's mayor, Vimal Yadav, stated that the municipal councilors had expressed their desire to change the name, and they would discuss the matter.

He added that the councilors felt people had forgotten the rich heritage of the city because of urbanization.

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13 Apr 2016Gurgaon renamed as Gurugram, Mewat as Nuh

13 Apr 2016Names changed considering people’s demand

According to Haryana government, the people of Gurgaon and Mewat have been demanding to rename their area since long.

An official spokesperson said that Haryana is the historical land where 'Bhagwat Gita' was recited and has great importance in the Mahabharata.

He said that in ancient times 'Guru Gaon' was a learning centre, where Guru Dronacharya used to provide education, which eventually became Gurgaon.

What is Nuh?

The headquarters of the Mewat district are at the Nuh town. So, the elected representatives and people of the area had been demanding to rename Mewat as Nuh.

13 Apr 2016Former Haryana CM welcomes decision to rename

Former Haryana CM, BS Hooda hailed the renaming of Gurgaon and said that it was the village (gaon) of Guru Dronacharya.

He added that renaming Mewat as Nuh wasn't a good decision as its name was written in golden letters in the freedom struggle.

President of Haryana Congress, Ashok Tanwar said that BJP was trying to divert people's attention by taking illogical decisions.

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Renaming Gurgaon doesn’t serve any purpose

Ashok Tanwar stated, "Everybody knows Gurgaon is the land of Guru Dronacharya, but at the same time Gurgaon is having global recognition, so changing name won't serve the purpose," he added.

13 Apr 2016People have distorted Guru Gaon: Gurgaon MLA

BJP MLA from Gurgaon, Umesh Aggarwal stated that the demand to change Gurgaon's name has been persistent for the past 12-14 years.

He said that people distorted the name, and the place was never Gurgaon but, Guru Gaon.

He added that Kauravas and Pandavas gained knowledge at Guru Dronacharya's ashram in Gurgaon, where there is a temple of his wife, Mata Sheetla.

13 Apr 2016Corporate leaders in Gurgaon not impressed

A section of corporate leaders in Gurgaon expressed concern over renaming Gurgaon and said that the change would have an impact on Gurgaon's brand image.

Some corporate said that the renaming won't affect the working of companies but, Gurgaon might lose its ability to attract investments.

Some of them felt that the government's move was confusing, and it wouldn't attract talent or investment.

28 Sep 2016Gurgaon is now officially 'Gurugram'

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar announced that Gurgaon would now officially be Gurugram, as the Centre approved the name change, 6 months after it was put forth.

Khattar said "from now on, both the city and the district of Gurgaon will be known as Gurugram."

Swaraj Abhiyan Founder Yogendra Yadav said he hoped the Centre would also help bring development to the district.