Commuters covering faces while frisking not permitted: CISF

13 Apr 2016 | By Ramya

In the wake of the recent Delhi Metro heist, CISF ordered Metro commuters, except critically ill patients, not to cover their faces during frisking with scarves, surgical masks, pollution masks or anything.

DMRC officials stated that a review to fix security system loopholes at Delhi Metro was underway.

The decision was taken to ensure that when commuters undergo frisking, CCTV-cameras could capture their face.

In context: Security beefed up at Delhi Metro

11 Apr 2016Delhi Metro employee stabbed, robbed

Kunal Kishore, a Delhi Metro employee, was stabbed and robbed of Rs.12 lakh station earnings by two masked men around 5:30 am at Rajendra Place Metro station.

The victim was stabbed with a knife in the control room, where the ticket counter is located, and looted the money.

DMRC said that the victim was admitted to Ganga Ram Hospital, and was out of danger.

Case registered at Rajouri Garden Metro PS

A case was filed at Rajouri Garden Metro police station under IPC sections 394, 397 and 34. DCP Metro, Jitendra Mani, stated that based on the victim’s statement, the suspects were carrying a knife.
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Suspects entered station well before operations started

11 Apr 2016Suspects entered station well before operations started

The available CCTV footage showed that two masked men entered the station at 5:14 am, way before the operations started for the day.

Then, they passed through the frisking booth and had their bags scanned wearing masks that almost covered their eyes.

At 5:22 am, the suspects entered the station control room, without any signs of force, and were seen talking to Kunal Kishore.

No footage of what happened inside control room

There was no available footage of what happened inside the control room but, the suspects were seen leaving the control room at 5:34 am and at 5:36 am left the station.

12 Apr 2016No security lapse on our part: CISF

CISF officials at the Rajendra Place metro station insisted the weapon used for the crime did not pass their security system.

They stated that both the masked men were properly frisked, and there was no lapse on the part of CISF.

They added that snapshots of their baggage didn't show a knife; it was possible that they had obtained it from the control room.

13 Apr 2016Police arrest two in connection with case

The police have arrested two persons, Pawan Goswami, and Sonu, in connection with the stabbing of an employee and robbery at Rajendra Place station.

Pawan, a former DMRC token vending officer, had lured Sonu and promised him a huge share of the money they would rob.

Police said that they were arrested in a late night operation and recovering the money was underway.

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13 Apr 2016Commuters covering faces while frisking not permitted: CISF

13 Apr 2016CISF expands security at two dozen metro stations

CISF has expanded its security apparatus at 24 metro stations on the Yellow and Blue lines and brought larger area under its armed cover.

Metal detectors and baggage scanners have been moved close to the entry points, which makes the commuters undergo security checks immediately after entering the station.

CISF officials stated that they would implement the new security system at more stations soon.