SC asks states to remove religious encroachments on footpaths

20 Apr 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Warning the Union territories and states of dire consequences, the SC said: "God never intended to obstruct footpaths or encroach upon public land".

SC directed the states to comply with its commands that had sought the removal of religious edifices which had come up on pavements and public land after September 2011.

The court demanded to know why no state had filed a response.

In context: SC on a warpath against religious encroachments

19 Jan 2013SC bans road encroachment by religious structures and statues

The Supreme Court prohibited any fresh infringement of roads, sideways and pavements, by the construction of 'religious structures'.

The court also banned the installation of statues of public figures on the roads.

The order was passed after an application challenged the Kerala government's approval to a private society to install a statue on a national highway at a busy intersection.

SC orderSC asks states to study specific cases of encroachments

SC noted that the removal of the unauthorized constructions of religious nature was not an easy task.

SC asked the state governments to review the encroachments on case to case basis and take relevant steps as promptly as possible.

The court asked the amicus curiae to examine the policy of each state on this issue and reply after four weeks.

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22 Oct 2014Delhi HC asks state to remove religious encroachments

The Delhi HC commanded the Religious Structure Committee and the New Delhi government to take a swift decision to remove the religious structure encroachments in the capital.

Justice Manmohan directed the government to determine within 12 weeks on the removal of religious edifices.

The decision came after the court was told that 29 of 94 parks have been infringed upon by several religious structures.

8 Mar 2016SC asks states to chalk out action plan

The SC pulled up the states and the union territories on how the states were planning to tackle the problem of road encroachments.

This move is aimed towards empowering municipal bodies trying to prevent unauthorized constructions being carried out under the guise of religious structures.

The apex court directed the states to present an action plan and file an affidavit in the court.

20 Apr 2016SC asks states to remove religious encroachments on footpaths

SC gives a last chance to states

The court has given all states 2 weeks time to submit a report to Additional Solicitor General and the states that fail to do so will be summoned by the court.