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17 Apr 2018

Piyush Goyal explains need of Railway University on Quora

Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways and Coal, took to Quora to answer 'What is the necessity of setting up a university for Indian Railways?'

In 2017, the Cabinet had approved the Railways' initiative for the first-ever National Rail and Transport University (NRTU) in Vadodara.

Answering the question on Quora, Goyal wrote the University will aid in the modernization of Indian Railways.

In context

Piyush Goyal explains need of university for Indian-Railways
In detailed answer, Piyush Goyal explains all that would change


In detailed answer, Piyush Goyal explains all that would change

Being in agreement with Narendra Modi's call for development, Goyal began the answer with explaining how India has been the centre for innovation since time immemorial.

He wrote as Indian Railways is all set to embark on a technologically- advanced journey involving bullet trains, Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFCs), it will need a proficient workforce.

Goyal claimed NRTU will produce those professionals.

First academic program may start this year

The deemed University will follow UGC Regulations 2016, Goyal wrote. The government is trying for approvals, and the first academic programme might roll out this year itself. The University is expected to have 3,000 full-time students upon complete enrolment.

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What Goyal said

University expected to make Railways safer, faster, and technologically-advanced

Listing out ways in which Indian Railways will benefit from the University, Goyal wrote the use of cutting-edge technologies will support India to emerge a global leader.

Technologies like satellite-based tracking, Radio Frequency Identification and Artificial Intelligence will improve performance and productivity.

It is also expected to make the movement of goods and passengers on Indian Railways faster, and safer by using state-of-art technology.

Not only Railways, even Start-up India, Skill India will benefit


Not only Railways, even Start-up India, Skill India will benefit

Programmes like 'Start-up India' and 'Skill India' will also reap benefits from this University, which will happen by "channelling technology and delivering know how, and foster entrepreneurship, generating large scale employment opportunities."

Creating a workforce which will solve engineering problems quickly is another motive.

He wrote the idea is to take Railway sector towards New India, and the institution will catalyze it.

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