Forensic-Report: No semen detected in exhibit submitted by LSR students

17 Apr 2018 | By Shikha Chaudhry
All about the semen controversy

According to the Forensic Science Laboratory report, no semen was detected in the samples submitted by two students who had alleged that semen-filled balloons were thrown at them before Holi this year.

The two students are from Lady Shri Ram College.

The incident had created a massive uproar at that time.

Here are the details of the case.

In context: All about the semen controversy

17 Apr 2018Forensic-Report: No semen detected in exhibit submitted by LSR students

What does the report say?

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What was alleged before Holi?

BackgroundWhat was alleged before Holi?

In late February this year, two Lady Shri Ram College students had alleged that balloons filled with gooey substance were thrown at them. They "believed" that they had semen in them.

While one can't ignore the hooliganism by unruly people under the guise of Holi celebrations, these allegations seemed far-fetched.

Scientifically speaking, they sounded rather 'impractical.'

The question now is - will mainstream media, which was quick to share this news, apologize?

Journalist Sagarika had questioned the "Hindu pride"