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17 May 2018

MP: Man throws party after son fails Class 10 boards

MP boards: Man throws party after son fails

Setting an example for new-age parenting at a time when student suicides are becoming increasingly common, a man from Madhya Pradesh's Sagar district threw a party after his son flunked his Class 10 board exams.

The man, Surendra Kumar Vyas, explained that he threw the party to motivate his son and not be negatively affected.

Here's what he had to say about his son's failure.

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MP boards: Man throws party after son fails

Mr. Vyas's two cents of wisdom on board exam failure

"This is how I want to motivate my son. After failing in exams, children go into depression and some even commit suicide. I want to tell such children and parents that boards are not the last exam," Mr. Vyas told to a leading daily newspaper.

Reportedly, the father had arranged quite a party


Reportedly, the father had arranged quite a party

Reportedly, Mr. Vyas hugged his son and offered him sweets upon receiving the bad news.

He then arranged an impromptu party with his friends, relatives, and his son's classmates. Reportedly the party was quite a celebration with sweets, firecrackers, a DJ, and a shamiyana.

Mr. Vyas is a civil contractor from the village of Tili in MP's Sagar district.

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