Water, Environment ministries oppose hydel projects in Uttarakhand

25 Jun 2016 | By Sneha Johny

India's water and environment ministries continue to oppose hydro-electric projects in Uttarakhand.

The water resources ministry stands opposed citing the issue of dam construction for these projects hampering the river Ganga's flow.

Meanwhile, the environment ministry wants to go ahead with these projects, and stands affirmed with its view that it would not adversely affect the waterway's flow.

In context: The Uttarakhand hydel projects row

What are hydro electric projects?

Hydro power is electricity which is generated from flowing water, forming a source for renewable energy. Hydro projects target the infrastructure for enabling generation of hydro power. It forms a beneficial part of renewable energy as it does not emit any form of pollution.

27 Jun 2013Devastating floods strike Uttarakhand

Heavy rains lashed across the state and affected nearly 12 out of the 13 districts.

It resulted in the deaths of over thousands of people, and left more than 75,000 people stranded across the state.

These floods caused infrastructural damage, washed away houses and bridges, and had resulted in the collapse of many buildings, displacing pilgrims and people across the region.

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Government constitutes panel to assess hydel projects

13 Aug 2013Government constitutes panel to assess hydel projects

The Government, under the apex court, directed a panel to be constituted under the Environment Ministry to help enable them to study the proposed hydro projects, and those that are under construction.

They would also have to undertake a study on the impact of these projects on the flash floods.

This report, when submitted, will outline the method of clearance for these projects henceforth.

09 Dec 2015Government stalls hydro projects after devastating floods

After denying any connection between the flash floods that struck the state and the hydro projects, the government finally admitted to the projects having both a direct and indirect link to the floods.

The government assured that it would examine the projects, and submit its study based on the analysis.

It proceeded to stall 24 projects, out of the 39 that were proposed.

05 Jan 2016Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti issues letter opposing hydro projects

The Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti had written to the Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, and urged him to not go ahead with the hydro projects.

She had also offered to provide funds to the developers for those projects where money had already been spent.

Javadekar, although, went ahead and filed an affidavit with the Supreme Court requesting for permission for the hydro projects.

25 Jun 2016Water, Environment ministries oppose hydel projects in Uttarakhand

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India's stand on clean energy

India is committed to increase its levels of clean energy to about 40% in the total energy output the country produces. This was a commitment the nation had made in the Paris Agreement, an agreement amongst various countries on climate change.