Bihar's former examination board secretary arrested in toppers scam

28 Jun 2016 | Written by Sneha Johny; Edited by Gaurav

Bihar's former Bihar School Examination Board secretary Hariharnath Jha was arrested today for his alleged connection to the toppers scam in Bihar.

The arrest was made by the special investigation team on the evidence provided by the chairman Lalkeshwar Prasad Singh's police interrogation.

He held the former examination board secretary, along with the principal of Vishun Roy College, Bachcha Roy, responsible for the irregularities.

In context: The Bihar toppers scam

What is the toppers scam all about?

Bihar's topper scam came into light when the state's Class 12 toppers, had failed to answer questions thrown their way on basic topics in their subjects. It soon forced the Bihar government to probe further and investigate the irregularities in the board exams held.

Examination scamsBihar: A history of examination scams

With about 20 people behind bars in the latest toppers' scam in Bihar, the state has been infamous for its examination scandals, often reporting rampant cheating and copying during exams.

Last year, reports showed outsiders passing on chits to the students by climbing up walls to reach the classes where the students were seated.

The government then introduced CCTV cameras and policemen for monitoring.

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01 Jun 2016Bihar government orders probe, announces re-test and interview for toppers

The Bihar government ordered a probe into the board exams held for the Class 12 toppers, the results of which came out on May 30.

The toppers, being unable to answer basic questions on what their subjects were about, had left the government grim-faced over speculations on irregularities in the examinations held.

The government ordered a re-test and an interview for the state toppers.

07 Jun 2016Bihar toppers fails re-test, FIR filed against four students

The seven toppers that took the re-test and the interview failed to clear them, and resulted in the government cancelling their board results on Saturday.

An FIR was filed against four students and the director of Vishun Roy College over alleged irregularities in the examinations.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar told reporters that direct action would be taken, also targeting a criminal angle.

Bihar CM over the controversy

"The education department is looking into the matter and the state government will also intervene. Nobody will be spared. It is good that this issue came to light, as I am sure now that it won't happen again after tough action," Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.

20 Jun 2016Bihar's former examination board chairman arrested

The Special Investigation Team had arrested the former Bihar School Examination Board chairman Lalkeshwar Prasad Singh and his wife Usha Sinha after evidence of their involvement in the toppers scam came into light.

The chairman was alleged to have been untraceable after resigning from the examination board.

The SIT also probed Bachcha Roy's office and arrested him under the Arms Act, upon recovering pistols.

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28 Jun 2016Bihar's former examination board secretary arrested in toppers scam

05 Sep 2016Exam forms to be linked to Aadhar

In an attempt to curb the increasing instances of forgery, the Bihar School Examination Board has decided to link the exam forms to the students' Aadhar numbers.

The move, touted to be the first such decision by any Indian state, seeks to increase transparency in examination systems.

Over 58 lakh students in the state will have to get their Aadhar cards made immediately.

09 Sep 2016Bihar State Board to digitize examination system

In the wake of the controversial toppers scam in the state, the Bihar School Examination Board has decided to digitize the examination correction format.

Under the scheme, set to be rolled out in Nov'16, examiners would be required to correct scanned copies of the answer sheets instead of physical ones.

The board will float tenders to hire an agency to set-up the system.