Heavy security for this year's Rath Yatra

06 Jul 2016 | By Rishikesh Malkhede
Jagannath Puri Yatra commences today

The Rath Yatra of Lord Jagnnath is all set to commence today at Puri.

Heavy security has been installed ahead of the Yatra. More than five lakh devotees are supposed to travel to Puri for the Yatra.

The Yatra will go on for the next nine days and will end with the Bahuda Yatra or return journey of Lord Jagannath and his siblings.

In context: Jagannath Puri Yatra commences today

AboutHistoric Rath Yatra

Jagannath Rath Yatra is a Hindu festival devoted to Lord Jagannath. It is held every year in the city of Puri in Odisha.

The yatra commemorates the journey of Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balabadra and younger sister Shubhadra to Gundicha temple.

During the yatra, three richly decorated chariots are pulled through the streets of Puri to the Gundicha temple.

Entry for all

During the whole year, no one apart from Hindus are allowed to enter the temple premises. But on the Rath Yatra day, non -Hindus and foreigners are also allowed to enter the temple to get a glimpse of the deities.
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06 Jul 2016Heavy security for this year's Rath Yatra

WiFi services at Puri staion

East Coast Railways will roll out wifi servies at Puri station ahead of the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath. the service, RailWire WiFi will be available to users with smartphone or laptop devices.
Rath Yatra in Ahmedabad

138 year old legacyRath Yatra in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad will witness its 139th Lord Jagnnath's Rath Yatra on 6th July 2016.

The Yatra will start from the 400 year old Lord Jagannath temple in Jamalpur.

Security has been tightened for the Yatra as it will pass through some communally sensitive areas.

BJP President Amit Shah and Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel are supposed to be participating different 'aartis' today.