ILO chief approves Narendra Modi's labour reforms

08 Jul 2016 | By Mansi Motwani
ILO lauds India's labour reforms

The International Labour Organisation chief, Guy Ryder, is on a five-day visit to India on the invitation of labour minister Bandaru Dattatreya.

He praised India's "impressive economic growth" and approved of Prime Minister Modi's labour reforms.

He also said that India's growth relies upon its government's ability to inch towards formalizing its workforce and providing universal social security to all.

In context: ILO lauds India's labour reforms

Textile Industry Reform

According to a press release by the Ministry of Textiles, on 22nd June 2016, the Central Government introduced fixed term employment for the garment sector, thus encouraging the textile companies to hire more workers thereby reducing unemployment.

08 Jul 2016ILO chief approves Narendra Modi's labour reforms

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Focusing on India

According to Ryder, "When ILO talks about the future of work and workforce, then we have to look at India, because of it is seen as the fastest growing major economy of the world with its large young population."
Press Conference by Labour Minister of India and ILO Chief

08 Jul 2016Press Conference by Labour Minister of India and ILO Chief

In a joint press conference, the labour minister stated that the Government of India prioritises employment generation.

Initiatives taken by the existing government such as Make in India, Skill India and Start Up India were mentioned.

According to the minister, the Ministry of Labour and Employment commits itself to job, wage, and social security for every employee of the country.

Guy RyderWhat the Director General of the ILO has to say

According to Ryder, even India's impressive economic growth has been unable to generate quality jobs.

The gender gap in the Indian workforce is 40% against the global average of 25%, he pointed out.

Pressing India to formalize its workforce, Ryder said, "Make in India great, Start-up India great, Skill India great; make Formal India part of the story."

Sustainable Development Goal

Around 600 million new jobs will have to be created in the next 15 years in the whole world, according to the estimates set by the International Labour Organisation, to meet the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal agenda.