Delhi Police discovers illegal procurement of Call Detail Records

11 Jul 2016 | Written by Mansi Motwani; Edited by Gaurav
Delhi's Snooping Racket

Delhi Police unearthed two city-based private agencies involved in the illegal procurement of call detail records (CDRs)

These agencies would sell these call detail records to their clients at extravagant prices.

The top management of one of the two agencies, caught in this racket, is on the run.

According to sources, a former CBI officer is a top official in one of the agencies.

In context: Delhi's Snooping Racket

The tip-off

The investigation began on the basis of a tip-off received by the Delhi Crime Branch about a Janakpuri-based company, Scorpion Verification and Consultancy Pvt Ltd, and its involvement in the procurement and selling of illegal call detail records.

11 Jul 2016Delhi Police discovers illegal procurement of Call Detail Records

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Cost of the CDRs

According to the Joint Police Commissioner, each CDR was procured at a cost of Rs.7,000- Rs.10,000 and was sold to customers at a minimum of Rs.1,00,000.

DetailsThe course of the Investigation

The police, as decoys, visited the agency's office and demanded to see a sample CDR before going ahead with the transaction.

Pankaj Tiwari, owner of the Janakpuri agency, produced a CDR after charging an initial amount of Rs.5,000.

As soon as the authenticity of the CDR was verified, Tiwari was apprehended.

Tiwari named Jaiveer Singh as the person who would sell him the CDRs.

Jaiveer Singh Rathore

Jaiveer Singh, owner of a News Channel and a Media and Detective agency, on his arrest revealed that his role was that of a middleman who would buy the CDRs from a UP Police constable and sell the same to the agencies.

FunctioningWorking of the Business

Detective agencies would be approached by clients for the purpose of surveillance in matrimonial disputes, love affairs, civil disputes etc.

These detective agencies would then approach Jaiveer Singh Rathore, who would forward the mobile numbers to UP constable Narendra, who would then obtain the CDR's from various nodal agencies.

These CDRs would then be sold back to the agencies for hefty amounts.

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Aditya Sharma

Out of the four persons arrested was Aditya Sharma (32), a detective who has been arrested once before in 2013 for obtaining the CDR of now Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He changed his name from Aditya to Arpit after being released and continued his work in the same profession.

12 Jul 2016More raids after Delhi snooping scandal

A team of officers from the Delhi police and Uttar Pradesh police conducted raids on the premises of BLS Management Services over the recent CDR snooping scandal in the capital.

Cops reportedly seized hard drives and computers from the office in order to gather evidence.

Among those accused in the case are a former Joint Director of CBI and a police constable.

01 Sep 2016Delhi Police arrest 2 more in CDR racket

Two more people including a former army officer have been arrested by Delhi Police over the illegal procurement and sale of call detail records in India.

D.K. Giri, the army officer who was arrested was a retired Captain in the Indian army

This is the latest breakthrough in the case that emerged in July and shocked security officials.