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14 Jun 2018

Fake liberalism is terrorism, and we need to act now

Dear liberals, you are superior to none

Quoting Karl Marx, throwing heavy words and fighting for people who don't need your help- that's one way of living life. Self-deprecating humor, speaking relatable language, quoting Steve Jobs- that's another.

Taking out morchas, wearing jholas and doing arm-chair activism in front of your 56 inch Plasma TV - that's one way. Laughing hard, accepting reality and still being an optimist - that's another.

I chose to be latter, I am not an elite. And, thank God for that.

In context

Dear liberals, you are superior to none
But, why are we talking about it today?

Recent events

But, why are we talking about it today?

Two unrelated events happened in different parts of the world, and the common link is liberalism.

Incident No. 1: In US, comedian Samantha Bee called President Trump's daughter a 'cunt' on National TV, apologized soon after and was declared a hero by all liberals.

Incident No. 2: Celebrated chef Atul Kochchar wrote Islamaphobic tweet, apologized soon after, but lost his job. Unsurprisingly, liberals painted him a villain.

Repeat after me

(Un)dear liberals, your ideology is not better than mine

In every living room 'durbar', we all debate about the socio-political conditions of the countries we have never visited, rules of the sports we have never played, strategies of the start-ups that have not even released their first beta.

Add politics to it, and you have polarizing views. And, why not?

But dear liberals, your left wing ideology, whether in economy or culture, is not better than my right wing's.

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Anyway, who made you the judge of people's apology?

Come on, say it

Anyway, who made you the judge of people's apology?

The pertinent question is - who are you to decide if an apology is genuine? Do you use a scientific method to judge, or do you know everything about a person just by reading their tweets?

Why would you stand tall with Priyanka Chopra who enacted a storyline painting Hindus wrong, but go against a man who just tweeted something in bad taste?

A script is written and approved, a tweet happens rather impromptu.

Hypocrisy, much?

Take a chill pill

And, why are you always so angry?

You abuse our motherland (incidentally, it is yours too) and if we get angry, we are called uncouth.

You make fun of our vocabulary and when we show you facts, we are called arrogant.

You fight for women's rights and when we raise the topic of 'triple talaq', you label us upper-class Hindus.

You lie, selectively rage, call our Gods names and when we call out your bluff, you get offended.

Why, oh why?

Facts, education, development: That's our agenda. And yours?

Care to elaborate?

Facts, education, development: That's our agenda. And yours?

Compared to you, my dear liberal, we live a rather straight forward life.

We study in the premier institutes, we know 75% attendance is mandatory and we don't fight for it. We complete our courses in 4 years, work hard to get placed in multi-nationals, coding does not bore us.

We work hard, have fetish for big houses, luxury cars, EMI notwithstanding.

We have reasonable expectations from our politicians, development tops that chart.

That's our agenda, and yours?

Say what, now

You and I can co-exist, if you open your minds

Your agenda aside, we don't want to fight you. That's not a good use of our time.

You can offend us, get offended at the drop of a hat, throw heavy words at us, quote Karl Marx. After all, you are an elite, and we are an average Joe.

But, we can co-exist, till the time your antics look 'cute' to us.

After that, my friend, "If you step on our toes, we will spit on your face."

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Yes (Un) dear rightist Shikha, If you step on our toes, we will spit on your face too. Rightst r nt so pure and innocent as you make them out to be and same goes for the liberals.

Asked on 14-06-2018 by Alia Alia

Answered by NewsBytes

We don't deny it. Extremism of any form is bad. Left, right and center are geometrical terms for us. We are pro logic. :)

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