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14 Jun 2018

Mangalore tops the list of elder abuse; Delhi at 5th

Delhi is among the top five Indian cities reporting high percentages of elderly abuse with 33% of the elderly population being treated poorly, a new survey released by HelpAge India said.

The study, which was conducted in 23 cities, revealed that maximum amount of elder abuse happens in Mangalore (47%) followed by Ahmedabad (46%), Bhopal (39%) and Amritsar (35%).

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In context

Delhi among top 5 cities with maximum elder-abuse
Sons and daughters-in-law turned out to be main abusers

Main abusers

Sons and daughters-in-law turned out to be main abusers

The study, aimed at understanding the extent, depth, form, frequency and reasons behind elder abuse, revealed one-fourth of the elderly population experienced abuse personally, and often the main abusers were either sons (52%) or daughters-in-law (34%).

"Unfortunately, elder abuse starts at home and from whom they trust the most," said Mathew Cherian, CEO, HelpAge India.

HelpAge India also runs a toll-free helpline for elders.

Reporting abuse

82% abused elderly do not report the matter

The study revealed 82% of abused elderly do not report the matter to either "maintain confidentiality of family matter" (52%) or as they "don't know how to deal with problem" (34%).

"38% of elders feel the most effective way to deal with elder abuse is to sensitize children. Another way is to bridge technology gap and empowering elders," Rohit Prasad, COO, HelpAge India, said.

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HelpAge India to organize candle march tomorrow

Joining hands in the fight against elder abuse, HelpAge India, along with 300 senior citizens from across the national capital, will hold a candlelight march tomorrow at Parliament Street in New Delhi.

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