Worried about IRCTC food? Soon, you can live-stream kitchen

14 Jun 2018 | By Shalini Ojha
Now you can check food served by IRCTC

Most of us have always had our doubts about food served by IRCTC on trains, but soon it will be possible to check its quality.

The Indian Railways under Union Minister Piyush Goyal is considering live streaming of base kitchens of IRCTC on its website.

This way the passengers can be sure of the quality and the officials can take action against rule breakers.

In context: Now you can check food served by IRCTC

14 Jun 2018Worried about IRCTC food? Soon, you can live-stream kitchen

DetailsRailways planning to develop app to help passengers

Currently, the passengers will be able to live stream from base kitchens. CCTV cameras are installed in 16 out of 200 kitchens.

The Railways is also planning to develop an app to allow passengers to keep track on kitchen while travelling.

On an average, IRCTC serves 12 lakh meals daily, out of which 10 lakh is served on the train.

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Way forwardInterestingly, Artificial Intelligence plays huge role in plan

The new idea finds its basis in Artificial Intelligence and a special module developed by IRCTC. This module analyzes the camera footage to determine any unwarranted change in the kitchen.

Once the camera detects something is wrong, the system will generate a ticket and send it to the concerned officials.

The reports will be later published online for passengers to see.

Looking backRecently, video showed vendors using toilet water in tea

Last month, a video showing vendors aboard the Chennai Central-Hyderabad Charminar Express mixing water from a toilet in the tea served to passengers, brought immense embarrassment to the National transporter.

Before that, a CAG report concluded food served on trains is unfit for consumption.

Will the live streaming idea give a concrete solution? Let's hope so.