Designs for new uniform finalised

18 Jul 2016 | By Shiladitya

Designs for a new uniform for the Indian police force has been finalised by the Bureau of Police Research and Development which falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

However, before the new uniform is distributed to all the police forces across the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs needs approval from the state governments.

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The Research ProjectResearch for new uniforms cost Rs.45 lakhs

The project for new uniforms was proposed by the Bureau of Police Research and Development in 2011.

It was accepted in December 2012 by the Standing Committee on Police Research.

Institutions like the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and the National Design and Business Incubator were shortlisted for the project.

They were paid a total of Rs.45 lakhs to come up with a design.

Why are the present police uniforms khaki?

The origins of the in-use khaki uniform lie in the British era. Since white uniforms got coated in dust, policemen began dyeing their uniforms using a brown-ish dye called Cutch. The brown color gave rise to the word "khak", an Indian word for dust.
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What does the new uniform look like?

New UniformWhat does the new uniform look like?

The new uniform slightly resembles American police uniforms in some states of the US.

It consists of a cotton-white shirt with blue flaps on the shoulders with the words 'Indian Police' written on them, dark brown trousers, a black belt and black shoes.

On top of that, the new uniform comes with a baseball cap with the words 'Police' written on it.

Universalisation plansMHA hoping to universalise police uniforms

Indian Police uniforms vary, even if it's a slight variation, from state to state.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, however, plans to make the new uniforms universal so that policemen across every state, including IPS officers, wear the same uniform.

The MHA also plans to give the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, the CRPF, the BSF and the CISF the same uniforms as the state police.

18 Jul 2016Designs for new uniform finalised