03 Jul 2018

End-of-American-dream: Indian techie returns after not getting paid, records video

The American dream may have lost its charm, at least this is what an Indian techie who makes videos for YouTube has said.

The Andhra Pradesh techie moved to the United States but was forced to pack his belongings and return home after not being paid.

The name of the YouTube channel is Kumar Exclusive and he has been posting videos for almost four years now.

The videos

Videos first showed sunny side of US, then things changed

Videos first showed sunny side of US, then things changed

The videos posted on Kumar Exclusive's page were meant to guide clueless youth coming to the United States of America.

His videos started on an optimistic note where he chronicled the life in the States and also divulged tips to many.

But in the last video he shot in the US, Kumar said he quit his job. He was an H-1B visa holder.


But why are H-1B visa holders facing problems in US?

The Donald Trump administration has been tightening the noose on H-1B visa holders, that lets immigrants stay in America.

Trump is also planning to revoke work status of spouses of H-1B visa holders that is likely to put 1,00,00 people out of jobs. This proposed ban has garnered strong objection from the Indian community.

Kumar's video ascertains the techies are also facing work woes.

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The consequences

Trump's revised H-1B rules have hit the market hard

The stricter restrictions have not only hit employees but market too.

According to Envoy Global, an immigration services provider, 26% of employers have had to delay projects, and 22% have relocated work overseas, reducing hiring in the States.

Meanwhile, jobs are left vacant. According to Wall Street Journal, there are 548,000 open tech jobs, but unemployment in the sector hovers below full employment levels.

The options

As US shuts doors, techies moving to 'welcoming' Canada

While the US seems adamant to not make lives easier for techies, Canada's sea of possibilities has interested them, despite a significant dent in pay-cut.

Canada hiked the number of economic-class visas for skilled workers from 160,600 to 172,500 between 2016-2017.

Further, the flexible immigration rules, cultural diversity and free healthcare, a larger Indian community, make Canada a better option.

The return

But for Kumar, the foreign dream has ended, for now

In the last video he recorded, Kumar showed his belongings stuffed in an SUV, and a road trip he took.

The video received a plethora of empathetic comments, and there were others who wrote returning to India was Kumar's best decision.

But his penchant for making videos hasn't ended, and he recorded them from his hometown Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh.

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