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05 Jul 2018

This school asks girls to wear white/skin colored underwear

Pune school has bizarre guidelines for "security"

The MAEER's MIT School in Pune has some bizarre ideas for "security" of its students. For one, safety apparently lies in the color of girls' underwear.

Female students have been ordered to wear only white or skin-colored innerwear.

They also have to compulsorily wear bloomers - divided shorts under their skirts - everyday.

What's more, students can use washrooms only during specified times!

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Pune school has bizarre guidelines for "security"
Some more bizarre rules, even for parents


Some more bizarre rules, even for parents

MAEER's MIT has more rules. Girls, want to wear earrings? Pick up the ruler: only round studs smaller than 0.3cm are acceptable.

Parents of those wishing to use the library without extra payment have to donate books. If not, they have to pay Rs. 500 as a deposit and Rs. 100 as monthly charges.

Cycle parking will cost Rs. 1,500 annually.


Parents land up outside the school to protest

Surprisingly, the school has reportedly mentioned action to be taken against parents too, in case these "rules" are violated.

Naturally, this has infuriated students and parents alike, who demonstrated outside the campus yesterday.

"They have even mentioned the length of the skirt to be worn," a parent complained.

A group of parents also met the director of primary education to discuss the matter.

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School insists intention was "very pure," but backtracks later


School insists intention was "very pure," but backtracks later

MAEER's MIT insists its intentions were "very pure." "All these rules are meant for the security of the students. There is no other intention," said Suchitra Karad Nagare, Executive Director, MIT Group of Institute.

But today, after outrage, it withdrew the controversial notification.

The education ministry has also ordered a detailed inquiry. "If necessary, we will take action," State Education Minister Vinod Tawde said.

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