A coup, a missing plane, an interesting week in news

25 Jul 2016 | By Gaurav
What made the news last week?

It has been quite an interesting week in the news, especially on the international and the defence front.

A failed coup in Turkey has shaken up the political foundations of the country, while the IAF's missing AN32 transporter is yet to be located.

Meanwhile the situation in J&K continued to deteriorate with the Indian Home Minister visiting the state to survey the situation.

In context: What made the news last week?

15 Jul 2016The coup that rattled Turkey

In a massive shake up of Turkey's political establishment sections of the Turkish military attempted to overthrow the government in a coup.

The plot was blamed on the Gulenist movement, which is seen in some sections as a moderate reformist movement of Islam, seeking to merge scientific principles with theological beliefs.

Thousands of supporters of the coup were arrested and several people died.

19 Jul 2016Russian delegation disqualified from Olympics

The entire Russian delegation of 387 athletes was disqualified from competing at the Rio Olympics.

The move was made after 187 Russian athletes tested positive for illegal steroids and drugs.

The scandal extended all the way back to the 2012 London Olympics when the athletes urine samples were allegedly tampered with.

Russia has condemned the decision as unfair.

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Kickass Torrents owner arrested

20 Jul 2016Kickass Torrents owner arrested

In a massive blow to free data activists, Artem Vaulin, the founder of Kickass Torrents was arrested and charged in Poland.

His arrest was the latest in a series of global arrests of large-scale piracy servers including Megaupload.

However, the website resurfaced online as countless other piracy websites always have and is allegedly on

21 Jul 2016Terror raids, Zika spark concern before Rio Olympics

Terror raids by Brazilian police and army units have sparked fears of terror attacks on the Rio Olympics.

Officials are concerned especially after the recent spate of attacks across Europe.

Adding to Brazil's woes is the rising fear of Zika, with several high profile athletes having pulled out of the tournament.

However officials have assured the safety and security of the Olympic games.

22 Jul 2016Situation in Jammu and Kashmir remains tense

Home Minister Rajnath Singh chaired a high level meeting in J&K over the deteriorating security situation in the state.

Public anger in the state has been on the rise over the police's use of pellet guns against rioters.

In response reports now say rioters are hurling acid bottles at security forces.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has stepped up the Kashmir rhetoric in international fora.

22 Jul 2016The missing IAF plane

Indian authorities have initiated a massive search operation for a missing An-32 transport aircraft carrying 29 people.

The plane was travelling from Chennai to Port Blair when it disappeared off the radar.

So far 18 ships from the Navy, 12 aircraft, a submarine and a satellite have been pressed into service to locate the plane.

However it has not been found yet.

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24 Jul 2016India is now the youngest start-up nation

Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that India has now become the youngest start-up economy in the world.

She stated that over 72% of the start-up founders in India were under 35 years of age.

This achievement was attributed to the initiatives taken up by the government to create a more investor friendly and business conducive environment for young entrepreneurs.

25 Jul 2016A coup, a missing plane, an interesting week in news