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11 Jul 2018

#HealthBytes: 5 best foods to keep you hydrated this summer

Top 5 foods to beat the summer heat

You might simply be just going about your business as usual, but summer is a time that may take a toll on your health if you do not make some necessary changes to your diet.

Dehydration is a big issue many people face in the summertime.

Here, we list down 5 foods that will help keep you hydrated and beat the summer heat.

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Top 5 foods to beat the summer heat
Make your diet greener with some cucumbers


Make your diet greener with some cucumbers

Cucumbers naturally happen to be superbly hydrating and juicy. Thus, it is imperative for you to add them to your diet during the tough summer months for keeping yourself cool from the inside.

It can be great for your health if you include some cucumbers in your morning salad or grab on a glass or two of cucumber juice every once in a while.

Alter your diet with changing seasons: Health Expert

"In the summer, cooling foods like watermelon can act like internal A/C, while in the winter, warming foods like meat, spices, and root vegetables can act like an internal space heater," says Kerry Bajaj, a certified health coach.

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Have watermelon to stay hydrated in the long run

Watermelons are 95% water and 100% guarantee for good health and hydration in summer.

Watermelons, not only are a great source of hydration but are also a great option if you're looking to shed some extra kilos of unwanted fat from your body.

There's so much goodness in just one juicy bite of watermelon. Well, what are you waiting for? Go grab one.

Apples can do no bad to health, after all


Apples can do no bad to health, after all

Whoever has said, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," is up for debate, but the man must have said it when it was summertime, and he was a wise man, for sure.

Apples have great hydrating powers and will help you stay internally cool for a long time.

Apples also contain pectin, a soluble fiber known to aid weight loss.


Meet your citrus intake needs with refreshingly hydrating lemons

Citrus fruits have a cooling effect on your body, and lemon being a great source of citrus, is one of the many foods not to be missed to beat the threatening summer heat.

Not only are lemons cooling on their own, but they also indirectly promote more water intake, through some lime water.

Other benefits include body detoxification and better immune system.

A pineapple a day is good to beat the heat


A pineapple a day is good to beat the heat

With hydrating powers as strong as in pineapples, don't forget to gorge on some pine juice every now and then, or add it to your salad plate to increase the hydration value of it.

Also, pineapple is the only known source of bromelain, an enzyme that helps reduce inflammation in the body.

After all, there's an "apple" in its name.

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