#HealthBytes: Make snacking a healthy habit, with these 5 food-items

11 Jul 2018 | By Sagar Malik
5 snacks options for a healthier you

With fast-paced lives and busier work schedules, people nowadays have no time to prepare full-fledged meals to be eaten at leisure. That's why, snacking comes as a natural habit to a lot of us.

While there is nothing wrong with the habit per se, but our food choices are generally unhealthy.

Are there any healthier snacks options? We list the top 5 here.

In context: 5 snacks options for a healthier you

11 Jul 2018#HealthBytes: Make snacking a healthy habit, with these 5 food-items

AlmondsAlmonds have a long-list of health benefits

A great source of numerous vitamins and minerals, almonds should always be your first choice.

Almonds, as health experts suggest, help regulate blood cholesterol levels, improve brain health, prevent heart diseases, and strengthen your immune system.

Further, they can also aid in weight loss.

Notably, almonds are also known to keep the risk of colon cancer at bay.

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Don't shrink your love for popcorn

PopcornDon't shrink your love for popcorn

If prepared without butter, popcorn make a great option for a healthy snack.

Being sugar-free, fat-free, and low on calories, you can munch on as many popcorn as you want without having to worry about gaining weight.

Popped corn is mostly air, so they also help you keep your excess hunger away without affecting your health.

Plus, they are great source of dietary fiber.

GrapesGrab some grapes for great skin and eye-sight

As a great source of antioxidants, and potassium, grapes are really good for your health. They help slow down ageing.

Further, they are good for both your eye-sight and skin.

You can add them to your salads, grab a grape juice, or just munch on some, when you feel hungry.

You should be mindful of the quantity, though.

OatsOats are a storehouse of nutrition

With oats, you get carbohydrates, fiber, copper, zinc, Vitamins B1 and B5.

Oats also help lower blood sugar levels, thereby helping you fight off Type-2 Diabetes.

Being a filling meal, oatmeal also keeps your excess hunger in check.

Other benefits of oatmeal are better skin health, and lower cholesterol levels.

ChocolateChocolate lovers need not worry

Research has shown, time and again, that dark chocolate can be refreshingly good for your overall health.

It can improve your cardiovascular health, can aid in weight loss, and also boost brain health.

One thing chocolates are greatly recommended for is reduction of stress. Yes, it'll prevent you from falling prey to depression symptoms, and keeping you happy.

Excess of it is, obviously, bad.