As tax-filing deadline nears, be cautious of this email ID

12 Jul 2018 | By Gogona Saikia

The time for filing tax returns is here, and with it has come new ways for frauds to dupe people.

Currently doing the rounds is an email whose sender address looks weirdly similar to the Income Tax (I-T) department's official one.

Whereas the I-T department mails from, these spam mails are arriving from - with no 'e' and two 'l's. Here's more.

In context: Frauds duping people in I-T department's name

12 Jul 2018As tax-filing deadline nears, be cautious of this email ID

PhishingThis is the mail that is being circulated by hackers

Though the department hasn't issued a warning yet, chartered accountants and tax return preparers (TRPs) are circulating a message on WhatsApp warning people.

According to the WhatsApp message, the email says that "there's been an error in calculating tax and a refund has to be issued."

"Once you click on the link, it'll direct you to a netbanking page. Once you login, your bank-account will be hacked."

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All you need to know is this

RefundAll you need to know is this

A taxpayer's bank account details are entered into the system while filing their returns, so in no case does the I-T department ask individuals for such information again, TRPs clarified.

In case refunds are due, the department will issue a proper notice.

If any changes are needed, a rectification-form must be filled before refunds are issued.

Refunds are directly transferred to taxpayers' bank accounts.

An I-T spokesperson speaks

"We issue standard alerts on our website as well as by text messages cautioning taxpayers about online fraud. It is best not to respond to suspicious mails and never share your bank account or card details because we never solicit them," an I-T spokesperson told TOI.