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14 Jul 2018

#HealthBytes: To reduce weight, you should eat these 5 food-items

Top 5 foods to help you lose weight

Making a plan to lose weight, following a regular workout regimen, and eating healthy, but still not being able to witness the desired results can get really frustrating.

However, we can help you some pretty easy hacks. There are certain food-items that are bound to speed up your weight loss process.

Here, we list 5 of them.

In context

Top 5 foods to help you lose weight
High-protein eggs can be great for weight loss


High-protein eggs can be great for weight loss

A breakfast that's made out of a lot (or all) of eggs can be a great way to help you with your weight loss plans.

It is because eggs are super-rich in protein, therefore they keep you full for a good number of hours.

Thus, by keeping you satisfied and away from unhealthy snacking, eggs can be great for weight loss.


Good old yogurt to the rescue for losing weight

Yogurt is one of the most healthy food items.

Not only is yogurt rich in protein, it also contains probiotics which are good for your gut health. And, yes a healthy gut means a balanced weight.

Just make sure you don't end up consuming flavored yogurt, which contains artificial sweeteners, because that's only going to make you fatter.

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Swap unhealthy snacks for some fruits


Swap unhealthy snacks for some fruits

Studies have shown that people who include fruit in their daily-diet are at a less risk of getting obese.

Though fruits naturally contain sugar, but adding them strategically to your diet can do wonders to your fitness plans.

If you swap the unhealthy snacks, you've been consuming, with fruits, it will surely improve results.

Boiled Potatoes

Get in some boiled potatoes for their numerous health benefits

Potatoes for weight loss? Don't worry, we're here to bust this myth.

Potatoes are rich in a really wide range of nutrients that your body needs, especially potassium.

Further, boiled potatoes are really filling and thus effective in keeping your hanger pangs in control, thereby helping you avoid unhealthy snacking and excess eating.

Nuts are much healthier than French Fries


Nuts are much healthier than French Fries

If you're going to continue snacking anyway, why not do it the healthier way? Nuts, being high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, make for a great snack option, much better than the kilos of French Fries that have made you fat.

Just be sure to control your intake of nuts. Too much of them is obviously bad for health, given their calorie content.

In a nutshell

To sum it up

Contrary to popular opinion, it's not very difficult to lose weight. You just have to be consistent with your plans.

Mainly, whole foods like nuts, fruits, eggs, lean meats, and boiled potatoes are great food items to help you reduce weight.

Mix them up with your regular workout regime, and you'll surely see results.

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