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18 Jul 2018

Humanity wins! Bus staff, conductor save a 68-year-old's life

Bus conductor, driver, passengers save Kerala man

A collaborative effort by a conductor, driver and passengers helped save a sexagenarian's life, who suffered a cardiac-arrest on board the bus.

George Kutty was traveling from Adoor to Thiruvalla in a Kerala State bus, originating from Neyattinkara depot.

After a while, he started feeling uneasy, which alarmed all aboard the vehicle.

Prioritizing the 68-year-old's health, they decided to admit him to a hospital.

In context

Bus conductor, driver, passengers save Kerala man
Kutty started feeling uneasy, sweated profusely, hands went numb


Kutty started feeling uneasy, sweated profusely, hands went numb

Kutty, a native of Kadampanad, felt sick as soon as the bus crossed Pandalam, 20mins from Adoor.

He was about to ask the driver for medical help, when suddenly he started sweating profusely and eventually his hands went numb.

Apparently, some of the co-passengers felt that the man was displaying classic symptoms of a cardiac arrest.

The act

Kutty was lucky, got admitted right on time: Doctors

Wasting no time, the bus conductor sprung into action and asked the driver to divert the bus from regular route to go to Pandalam CH Hospital, the nearest hospital.

However, the hospital compound couldn't accommodate the bus, so Kutty was taken in an auto-rickshaw.

The doctors confirmed the passengers' hunch was right and that Kutty was lucky, as he was brought just in time.

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Kutty's family was informed after he was safe

One of the passengers informed Kutty's relatives and friends, only after he was out of danger. The bus along with the passengers started their journey again after learning Kutty was doing okay. These kinds of incidents are bound to restore your faith in humanity.

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