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29 Jul 2018

#CareerBytes: 6 tech skills you need to get start-up jobs

Start-up jobs are in demand these days as more and more job seekers are looking for jobs offering learning opportunities and scope for growth.

Those interested in joining tech start-ups should acquire and develop tech skills that are new or in demand, which would be useful in helping them stay ahead of the game.

Here are 6 tech skills you need to get a job in start-ups.


Programming, an important tech skill to have to get hired

Programming, an important tech skill to have to get hired

Programming, which is an important part of computer science, has always been an essential tech skill to have.

Programming is developing and implementing sets of instructions executable by a computer in one or more languages to facilitate certain operations.

Programmers who have proficiency in multiple languages are the most in demand. Without a doubt, good programming skill is an important aspect to get a job at start-ups.

Information security

Information security and cybersecurity, another highly demanded tech skill

Information security and cybersecurity are among the hottest tech skills currently as the cyber world, we live in, is frequently under attack.

Companies need security teams to protect against various attacks involving theft of information or unauthorized access, use, modification, destruction of electronic data.

Experts say that information security and cybersecurity professionals will be in very high demand by 2020.

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What about the field of software development?

What about the field of software development?

Software development is one of the most essential tech skills. The increase in demand for computer software has also led to the growth of software developers.

Professionals in this field develop software programs in different phases, which include identification of the required software, analysis, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing. Web and mobile app development are the most popular software development fields.

Mobile app

Mobile app development among the most sought-after professions in India

Mobile app development is another important tech skill to have; it is the process of developing applications for mobile devices on various platforms, including Android and iOS.

App developers have always been in demand and would continue to be, say experts.

They should be proficient in various programming languages; also, developers with UX and UI design skills have better chances of getting hired.

Big data

About big data and data science

About big data and data science

Big data refers to the large collection of data from different sources that isn't available in standard database formats. It is a result of the unprecedented growth in information generated worldwide.

Data science is an approach that applies mathematical/statistical ideas and tools for processing big data.

Having an idea about data science and big data is an advantage for those willing to join start-ups.

Data Analytics

More and more companies require data analysts

Data Analytics is a rapidly-expanding area of data science. It helps in examining data to extract suitable conclusions about what companies could learn from the garnered data.

Start-ups have a lot of data, which is also essential to target and engage consumers. Since there's a shortage of people who know data analysis (measuring and interpreting), this skill is in very high demand these days.

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