Yamuna danger-mark: Kejriwal promises help to affected areas


30 Jul 2018

#YamunaDanger: Low-lying areas' residents complain of inefficiency, Kejriwal promises support

As the water level in Yamuna continues to rise, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal tweeted he has asked transport minister Kailash Gehlot to visit the affected areas.

Kejriwal's tweet comes amid criticism for not doing much for people living in low-lying areas.

Since Friday, the water level in the Yamuna has been increasing, partly due to rains and also because of water released by adjoining states.

The condition

Displaced from homes, people know nothing about their return

Displaced from homes, people know nothing about their return

A resident of the floodplains revealed that 'rain baseras' are full and there was no arrangement of food or water.

The last time Yamuna crossed these dangerous levels was in 2013, and this monsoon those memories are haunting them.

Residents said they were forced to abandon their farmlands and are not sure when the water levels would recede.

'Juggi jopdi walo ko yahin milta hai', says resident

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The action

3,000 people shifted to safer places, flood alert issued

On Sunday evening, the water level rose to 205.5 meters and is expected to touch 206.6 meters in the next 48 hours.

To give context, the last time Delhi was flooded (in 1978), the water level had touched 207.40 meters.

As a precautionary measure, around 3,000 people were shifted to makeshift camps. The Delhi government has issued a flood alert in low-lying areas.

Some people are not willing to relocate, tells official

"We have set up around 550 tents and evacuated around 3,000 people. Food, water and other amenities such as electricity and toilets are being provided. Some people are unwilling to shift," a Delhi government official said.


Meanwhile, 27 trains were canceled, 7 other diverted

Meanwhile, 27 trains were canceled, 7 other diverted

As a result of rising water-level, the old Yamuna bridge 'Loha Pul' was closed on Monday morning that led to cancelation of 27 trains, and diversion of 7 others. Later, railway services were restored.

The affected areas include Old Railway Bridge, Akshardham, Geeta Colony, Okhla, Garhi Mandu, Madanpur Khadar, and Usmanpur.

Reportedly 15,000-20,000 families in floodplains are hit due to rising water.

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