Government to start taking precautions to avoid deaths by Selfies

10 Aug 2016 | Written by Mansi Motwani; Edited by Gaurav
India's 'Selfie Danger Zones'

Culture and Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma stated that State Governments and Union Territories are accountable for visitors at tourist sites.

According to him, establishing Selfie Danger Zones is one of the safety provisions that the states can and should take.

An advisory was issued by the Tourism Ministry as a part of security measures being undertaken ahead of Independence Day celebrations.

In context: India's 'Selfie Danger Zones'

NationSelfie-related Deaths in India

Since the year 2014, India has been witness to a total number of 54 deaths related to Selfies.

In 2015, there were 27 deaths caused by selfies all over the world; 15 of them occurred in India.

Indians died while taking selfies in front of a speeding train, in a boat that tipped over into a lake, and in many more erroneous ways.

10 Aug 2016Government to start taking precautions to avoid deaths by Selfies

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Serious Issue

"I have written to all state governments, requesting them to introduce safety precautionary measures and declare 'Selfie Danger Zones' at tourist sites. We are taking up the issue very seriously," said Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Culture and Tourism.
Efforts being taken by the Government

MeasuresEfforts being taken by the Government

State Governments and Union Territories will put up signs at spots considered unsafe, keeping tourists in the know of dangers ahead.

Security guards will be deployed in order to supervise dangerous sites and training will be provided to these guards for the same.

Medical assistance will be within arms reach at Selfie Danger Zones, according to an official.

Selfies with National Memorials

All States have been directed by the Central Government to prohibit people from taking selfies in front of national memorials from 12th August, 2016 to 18th August, 2016.

11 Sep 2016No selfies mid-air: DGCA to pilots

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued directives to all pilots strictly forbidding anyone from taking selfies in the cockpit while flying.

DGCA Chief B S Bhullar said that he had issued an air safety circular in this regard and that it would be available online soon.

The DGCA has stated that under the new guidelines 'suitable action' would be taken against offenders.

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18 Sep 20165 students die taking selfie in Warangal

Five students of the Vagdevi Engineering College in Warangal died after attempting to take a selfie at the Dharmasagar reservoir 10km away from the college.

Authorities stated that one of the students slipped and fell in while taking a selfie, while the others died attempting to rescue her.

A sixth student was rescued by locals. Police sources said an investigation is underway.

14 Jan 2017Live-wire kills a youth taking selfie on a train

A 20-year-old engineering student, one Rajpal Gourav Patra of Koraput died after being touched by a high-tension wire while clicking a selfie.

The accident took place at Baljori area in Odisha's Jharsuguda town where a goods train, which was carrying oil, had halted on the railway tracks when the deceased climbed on top to take a selfie.

17 Jan 20172 boys clicking selfies on railway tracks killed

Two teenagers named Yash Kumar (16) and Shubham (14), were crushed under a running train while posing for selfies between two railway tracks at Anand Vihar in East Delhi.

According to police reports, friends of the 2 said that the boys chose a spot between 2 train tracks to click "daring selfies" with an approaching train for their social media profiles .