#HealthBytes: Top 5 health benefits of black tea

11 Aug 2018 | By Sagar Malik
Top 5 benefits of black tea

We Indians have obsessively been drinking the various variants of tea since time immemorial.

And to our utmost relief, research has suggested that tea, in particular the black tea, has shown to have a good number of health benefits in our body, mainly because of the presence of many antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.

Here are top 5 health benefits of black tea.

In context: Top 5 benefits of black tea

11 Aug 2018#HealthBytes: Top 5 health benefits of black tea

Heart healthRegular consumption of black tea lowers risk of heart diseases

A randomized controlled study found out that drinking black tea for 12 weeks reduced triglyceride values by 36%, blood sugar levels by 18% and the LDL/HDL plasma ratio by 17%.

This happens because of the presence of a group of antioxidants called flavonoids in black tea, which when consumed regularly are known to reduce obesity, cholesterol levels and BP, thus enhancing heart health.

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Black tea may reduce risk of developing cancer

Cancer RiskBlack tea may reduce risk of developing cancer

Black tea contains polyphenols, a compound that may help prevent cancer cell survival.

A test-tube study conducted to analyze the effects of the polyphenols in tea on cancer cells showed that black and green tea may help regulate cancer cell growth and reduce new cell development.

However, it should not be considered an alternate treatment to cancer, and professional medical assistance must be sought.

AlertnessBlack tea will make you more alert and focused

Black tea contains caffeine and an amino acid called L-Theanine, both of which are known to improve our focus and alertness.

Studies have also shown that beverages containing L-Theanine help improve focus due its positive effects on the brain.

So, if you desire better energy, concentration, and mental freshness, black tea is the answer!

Hair HealthFor long and shiny hair, sip some black tea

Loaded with antioxidants, black tea helps in kicking out the ROS and stress, two of the major causes of early hair loss among women these days.

In addition, Japanese studies have shown that applying black tea to your hair also helps promote healthy hair growth, and bring natural shine and luster to it.

So, for shiny, long, and beautiful hair, black tea is a must.

Skin HealthBlack tea is also good for your skin health

Packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, black tea improves your skin health and provides anti-ageing benefits.

It nourishes your skin with vitamins B2, C, and E, and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, and essential polyphenols and tannins.

What's more? The caffeine in black tea can also kill viruses, which help prevent skin infections (and pimples).