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11 Aug 2018

Man tries to sell wife, but gets a surprise buyer!

His wife was beautiful, and invited glares, which infuriated him.

He often picked up fights with such men and his wife over this. On August 1, he decided he have had enough of the shenanigans and planned to kill her.

But instead of killing, he thought he can very well sell her. He eventually got his buyer, who turned out to be an undercover cop!

In context

Bihar man held for trying to sell wife
Man visited first wife too, second wife didn't support that


Man visited first wife too, second wife didn't support that

Bihar resident 32-year-old Saddam was enamored by the 28-year-old's beauty and married her, making her his second wife.

He visited his first wife and their three children at least twice weekly, which didn't go down well with Samira.

That was another reason for feuds between them and it was getting frustrating for Saddam.

So, he took a week and hatched a plan.


Upon reaching Delhi, Saddam started hunting for buyers

As per his plan, he and Samira visited Delhi, where her parents stayed.

As soon as they reached, Saddam started searching for pimps and brothels for prospective buyers of Samira.

He did get a pimp to arrange a meeting between Saddam and his buyer, which was set two days later on Thursday.

The venue was fixed to be Kamla Market at 8PM.

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Saddam got arrested by his buyer, who was a cop


Saddam got arrested by his buyer, who was a cop

Notably, Kamla Market is also just 1.4kms from GB Road, a red-light area.

Saddam was waiting for the buyer there, after settling the deal for Rs. 1.2L, Rs. 30,000 less than what he desired.

The buyer arrived, but Saddam demanded an advance. After he was given Rs. 10,000, he went and brought Samira.

But then he got arrested, because the buyer was a cop!


Pimp happened to be a police informer, who trapped Saddam

It so happened that the pimp with whom Saddam talked was a police informer, who had tipped off Kamla Market SHO Sunil Kumar.

So Kumar posed as the buyer and carried out the whole drama to trap Saddam.

While Saddam was arrested on the spot, Samira, who was oblivious of the whole plan, stood there shocked, Kumar said.

She's now undergoing counseling.

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