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11 Aug 2018

#HealthBytes: Tips to using a condom correctly

How to use a condom correctly?

Talking of contraceptives, condoms are handy, easily storable, widely available, and above all, effective (most of them are!)

So, having proper knowledge of how to use this world-renowned birth control method is crucial to your general sexual health.

Using them wrongly may lead to infections and even worse, unwanted pregnancy.

Here are top tips to take care of, when using a condom.

In context

How to use a condom correctly?
About using fresh condoms, checking packages, and storage

Tip Set 1

About using fresh condoms, checking packages, and storage

Always use a fresh condom during every act of sexual encounter, whether or not you go into intercourse.

Condoms come with a limited shelf-life, thus you must check the package before using one.

Also, condoms should be stored only in a cool and dry environment.

One should also inspect the condom for any holes or cuts. Use of sharp objects should be avoided.

Tip Set 2

About the time of putting on, and reservoir tip

Additionally, one should put on a condom once the penis is erect but before any contact with the partner's body has been made. Don't leave condoms for the last minute.

Importantly, enough space should be left free on tip of the condom, to facilitate collection of semen after ejaculation.

If the condom lacks a reservoir-tip, pinch the tip nearly half-an-inch while putting it on.

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About putting the condom on correctly

Tip Set 3

About putting the condom on correctly

Do not unroll the condom in one go down your penis. Instead, firmly place it at the tip of the penis, and while holding the reservoir tip, slowly unroll it down to the base.

Also, be careful to never apply the condom inside-out.

If you end up doing so, take the condom out and dispose it off, and start again with a fresh one.

Tip Set 4

About using a lubricant, withdrawing from partner, and removing condom

Using a natural, condom-friendly lubricant helps in reducing the risk of condom breakage during intercourse.

Though not all lubes go well with condoms, some of them may weaken the latex, causing it to break out.

After ejaculation, hold the rim of the condom, and carefully withdraw from your partner, to avoid any semen leakage.

When done, pull out the condom gently from your penis.

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