Delhi govt doesn't want students to fly kites


13 Aug 2018

Delhi-govt doesn't want students to fly kites for right reasons

The Delhi government has directed all schools in Delhi to discourage students from flying kites due to the danger it possesses.

"Flying of kites is common in Delhi as a hobby of youth and generally increases before festivals and national holidays. But it sometimes leads to accidents causing harm and injury to humans, animals, and birds," said the education dept's communication to schools.


School principals to direct staff about problems of kite flying

The Directorate of Education (DoE) further said, "Flying of kites becomes lethal and hazardous because of the metal coated string used in flying kites. Often accidents involving kite flying have been reported causing injuries, small, grievous and sometimes fatal."

The government has directed that school principals should direct staff members during the school assembly about problems caused by flying of kites.

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