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21 Aug 2018

Man found hanging, wife stuffed in fridge, daughters in suitcase

Allahabad shocker: Family of five found dead

In a rather gruesome case reported out of Allahabad, police have recovered the body of a man, along with his family members comprising his wife and three daughters.

The man was found hanging, while the rest appeared to have been killed.

Police said that prima facie, it looked like the man murdered his family and hanged himself.

Here's what we know.

In context

Allahabad shocker: Family of five found dead
The identities of the deceased


The identities of the deceased

DNA reported that the deceased were 35-year-old farmer Manoj Kushwaha, his wife Shweta (30), and their three daughters, Priti (8), Shivani (6), and Shreya (3).

The incident came to light when Manoj's father came home, found the door locked, and approached neighbors for help, who then called the police.

The police arrived on the spot, and broke down the door.

Some images from the crime scene

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Crime scene

Details of the gruesome and shocking crime scene

The police and Manoj's father, to their horror found the 35-year-old farmer hanging from the ceiling.

Upon searching the premises, they found his wife's body in the fridge, and the bodies of his three daughters in an almirah, a suitcase, and in one room respectively.

Manoj is believed to have killed Shweta with a hammer and a sharp-edged knife, before killing his daughters.

Financial crisis or rage killing? Motive remains unclear


Financial crisis or rage killing? Motive remains unclear

Neighbors told police that Manoj, who was into gambling, had recently lost a lot of money and was under pressure from loan sharks. It's currently unclear whether the family was in a financial crisis.

Police also said a possible motive for the killings could be family dispute, or a suspicion by the man that his wife was having an affair.

Investigation is currently underway.

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