State Government Housing Scheme to go Electronic

22 Aug 2016 | By Mansi Motwani
Karnataka's Digital Housing Scheme

Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Ltd. (RGRHCL), a Karnataka government-sponsored housing scheme for citizens that are not economically successful, will soon go digital.

Manish Moudgil graduated from IIT Bombay in 1998 and is the newly appointed Managing Director of the scheme.

Moudgil wants to create a housing scheme on mobile phones; his digital vision will use seamless technology.

In context: Karnataka's Digital Housing Scheme

InformationAbout the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Ltd (RGRHCL)

Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Ltd. was set up under the Companies Act, 1956, by the State Government of Karnataka.

It was launched in order to support the economically weaker sections of the society by enabling them to build houses.

Applicants are provided with monetary assistance to purchase land and build a house; administrative and logistical challenges sometimes act as procedural roadblocks.

22 Aug 2016State Government Housing Scheme to go Electronic

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Manish Moudgil's take on the digital conversion

"One of the things that is not appreciated about technology is its ability to influence the organization and bring certain things that are not possible in a manual process", said Manish Moudgil.
How will the App work?

WorkingHow will the App work?

The app will use Google Earth to track the location of aspiring and/or deserving beneficiaries before the work begins.

On the acceptance of the application, a work order is granted to the beneficiaries to start building; evidence in the form of images can be posted by the beneficiaries on the app.

The progress of the work can be traced in real-time by officials.


The app is set to be built by an in-house team of the Housing Department of Karnataka and will take five months for its completion.