India among Asia's top-10 destinations for Chinese tourists


22 Aug 2018

India among 'top 10' destinations for Chinese tourists in Asia

India ranks among the top 10 popular destinations for Chinese travelers in Asia, especially for social media-influenced millennials, according to a report.

As per the India Tourism Statistics 2017, the country had welcomed over 2 lakh Chinese tourists in 2017.

In India, Mumbai (69%) and Delhi (51%) emerged as the top visited cities, as per the Chinese International Travel Monitor 2018.

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Ipsos conducted interviews with 3,047 Chinese residents

For the report, engaged market research firm Ipsos to conduct interviews during May 2018 with 3,047 Chinese residents, aged 18-58 years, who had traveled overseas in the past 12 months.


Film and television, main sources of inspiration for Chinese travelers

Star-struck by global pop-culture, film and television are now the main sources of inspiration for Chinese millennial travelers (62%).

Out of the 59% of Chinese travelers who expressed interest in visiting the timeless monument of love, Taj Mahal, when they visit India - 38% said they desire to do so because of it being a favorite television series or film location as well.

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Social media

Half of Chinese travelers got attracted to India through newsfeed

"While millennials were at the helm of social media influence and trends, the report found no generation was free from social networking's undeniable draw," Brand General Manager, Asia Pacific, Nelson Allen said.

About 52% of Chinese travelers were wooed by the newsfeed, and a third of the older generation reported their travel decisions and behavior were influenced by their digitally-connected children, he added.

Selfie moments

Chinese travelers got their selfie moments with monuments, local food

Chinese travelers got their selfie moments with monuments, local food

Travel brag moments and selfies were a huge part of the Chinese millennial travel experience in 2017, with 63% using the reverse camera angle to boost those likes and build their social brand.

India's picturesque towns with natural beauty (62%), indigenous local food (49%), and vibrant local culture (40%) were popular for selfie-worthy moments for Chinese travelers when exploring India.

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