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23 Aug 2018

This website is all you need for government-schemes, jobs, exams

The central and state governments roll out several schemes, implement various initiatives and policies for citizens.

Though the governments strive to help everyone, many are often unaware of initiatives due to the lack of relevant information; even those who need help are clueless about availing the schemes.

To address this issue, Abhishek Dhote founded GovInfo.me, a portal for all central/state government-related information.

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Co-founder Yamini curated info to know which govt schemes existed

Co-founder Yamini curated info to know which govt schemes existed

Abhishek got the idea of starting GovInfo.me (Government Information Made Easy) while trying to gather information about "Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana" after having a child.

Despite extensive online searches and authorized post-office visits for information, he and his wife Yamini, also a co-founder, couldn't get the required details.

Yamini then started curating various schemes' information following which GovInfo.me was started in Apr'16 in Maharashtra's Amravati.

Dissemination of scheme-related information is the problem: Abhishek

"The government - both Centre and state have thousands of schemes. Most of the problems that citizens face are addressed by these schemes. Problem...is the dissemination of information. No one knows about the existence of most of these schemes...there are very few takers," Abhisheksays.

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The portal

Mission is to organize info, make it universally accessible: GovInfo.me

GovInfo.me says it's an online repository of those looking for any government-related information, including schemes, scholarships, policies, exams, results, rules, and news about the central and state Ministries and governments.

The website was started by two founders, Abhishek and Yamini, with a team of three interns.

In the last two years, the portal researched and documented over 1,200 schemes introduced by various governments.


What information does GovInfo.me provide?

GovInfo.me provides information about every government scheme in an easy-to-understand manner.

It breaks down information into scheme summary, eligibility criteria, required documents, application procedure, and highlights of the scheme.

The website reportedly gets over 10 lakh visitors every month and the number has steadily been on the rise.

Abhishek says most queries they receive are related to property purchases, birth certificates, and scholarship information.

Success Stories

Success stories keep the team motivated, says Abhishek

Explaining how their website helps people, Abhishek gave the example of a student who lost all his school certificates and sought GovInfo.me's help to re-apply for the certificates; he re-applied and received the documents using the info available on the portal.

In another case, with GovInfo.me's help, a cancer patient could receive monthly financial aid and also treatment under a Maharashtra government scheme.

Abhishek on infrastructure built by present government

"The infrastructure that this present government has built over the last few years is commendable. Having all these schemes online has reduced corrupt practices. It has also eliminated the middlemen. The problem, however, is that people do not know about these schemes," says Abhishek.

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