Arunachal tea variety fetches Rs. 40,000 per kg


24 Aug 2018

This Arunachal tea variety fetched Rs. 40,000/kg in auction

A tea variety from Arunachal Pradesh has fetched a world-record price of Rs. 40,000/kg at Guwahati Tea Auction Center in Assam breaking the record of an Assam tea variety auctioned last month.

A 1.1kg lot of Golden Needles tea variety of Donyi Polo tea estate in Arunachal Pradesh was sold at Rs. 40,000/kg yesterday, said Dinesh Bihani, Secretary of Guwahati Tea Auction Buyers' Association.

An Assam tea variety was the previous record holder

The Arunachal tea variety was sold to Assam Tea Traders, which is one of the oldest tea shops in Guwahati. In July, an Assam tea variety was sold at Rs. 39,001/kg at an auction in Guwahati.

Specialty tea

Specialty teas are attracting more buyers and producers: Bihani

"These types of specialty teas are attracting more and more buyers and producers to come together and use the GTAC platform. We hope that these specialty teas will make us achieve our past glory in the world map," Bihani said in the statement.

Assam Tea Traders owner, Lalit Kumar Jalan, said, "There's a rising demand for good tea and we're selling specialty tea regularly."

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Golden Needles tea variety to be sold online

"This Golden Needles will be sold through an online platform,," Jalan said.

The Golden Needles variety of tea has small buds which are carefully plucked and the leaves, which have a coating of golden color, are soft and velvety.

"The liquor of this special tea is bright golden in color, sweet to taste and has a rich aroma," Bihani said.

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