Tips and tricks to lose belly fat


27 Aug 2018

#HealthBytes: 10 effective tips and tricks to lose belly fat

The most stubborn of all fats is the fat that accumulates on your tummy.

Not only does it look bad on you, it is also a virtual invitation to a number of dreadful health issues like diabetes, stroke, high blood-pressure etc.

Though losing belly fat is a daunting task, here are 10 simple-yet-effective tips and tricks to help you get rid of it.

Fiber, Protein

Eat food items rich in soluble fiber and protein

Eat food items rich in soluble fiber and protein

Get more fiber: Soluble fiber helps in slowing down the food absorption process, thereby promoting smoother digestion. It also helps you feel fuller, and prevents unnecessary snacking. Some great sources are flaxseed, sprouts, avocados, legumes and berries.

Protein: Incorporate more meats, fishes, eggs, and dairy items into your diet. Many studies show protein consumption promotes fullness, and helps eliminate belly fat.

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Sugars, Alcohol

Reduce your intake of sugary foods and of booze

Sugars: Uncontrolled consumption of sugary food items can lead to excess abdominal fat. So, cut down on those cakes and doughnuts, if you want to have a beach-ready belly.

Alcohol: Beer belly is not a joke, it's for real! Studies have shown that too much alcohol can lead to build-up of unwanted fats around your waist area. Limiting your alcohol-intake is a no-brainer.

Stress, Rest

Reduce your stress levels; get proper rest

Reduce your stress levels; get proper rest

Be less stressed: When you're stressed out, your body automatically starts secreting cortisol, a hormone that is known to increase fat build-up on your belly. Further, stress also makes you munch on more junk. So, be less stressed, more often.

Rest: On an average, an adult requires anywhere between 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep every night to maintain healthy metabolism. Better metabolism automatically translates to less fat accumulation.

Eat Slow & Regular

Eat your meals slowly; in regular intervals

Eat slowly: Chew your food well, so as to facilitate proper breakdown of food and assimilation of nutrients. This promotes healthy weight-loss and elimination of that stubborn belly fat.

More meals, less gaps: Eat regularly (preferably every three hours) in smaller, easily-digestible portions in order to get rid of stomach fat.

Hydration, Snacking

Stay hydrated; pay attention to your snacks

Stay hydrated; pay attention to your snacks

Stay hydrated: Get your daily quota of 8-12 glasses of H20 for regulated metabolism, which is crucial to burning undesired fat. Sufficient water intake also helps in flushing out body toxins, thus leading to weight loss.

Snacking: Replace those packs of potato chips, double-cheese burgers, and fizzy drinks with healthy options- fruits, nuts, and juices- to get rid of belly fat more effectively.

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