Health tips for first-time sex


01 Sep 2018

Health tips if you're having sex for the first time

There is no set 'right time' to begin your sex life- you should explore your sexuality at your own pace, with a partner you feel comfortable with, and the way that suits you.

Talking about your first sexual encounter, it's the best time for you to understand the nuances of sexual pleasure, comfort, and safety.

Here are health tips for your maiden sexual experience.

Be ready

Doing it because everyone else is? Bad idea!

Doing it because everyone else is? Bad idea!

Stating the obvious here, but being ready for sex, both physically and emotionally is the first and foremost thing to consider before getting under those sheets.

Not only will it help you get over the nerves, being ready is important for having time to arrange necessary precautions for safer and enjoyable sex- like getting condoms, to avoid the risk of STIs and early pregnancy.


STIs and unwanted pregnancy aren't cool, use protection

Hands down the most important aspect of having sex for the first time is to understand how important practising safe sex is for your mental and physical well-being.

Condoms are usually recommended as they'll not only protect you from undesired pregnancy, but also reduce the risk of catching STIs.

So, buy some in advance and keep handy.

Female condoms can also be tried.

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Don't rush things in bed, Foreplay is the key

Don't rush things in bed, Foreplay is the key

You might be so nervous that you end up rushing things too soon in bed to 'get done' with it quickly.

But, reaching orgasm shouldn't be your goal- extracting pleasure should be.

And for attaining sexual pleasure, foreplay is crucial. Go slow, and indulge in kissing, touching, and whatever gets you turned on, to set the right mood for the climax- intercourse.


Don't bring mouth tapes to the bed (please!)

Not discussing is a total disaster for your sex life, no matter it's your first time or umpteenth.

Communicate before, during, and after sex- talk about what feels good, and what does not. Bring up your fears and fetishes with your partner. It'll enhance both the pleasure and your relationship.

However, constant blabbering isn't needed- moaning, facial expressions, and body language can help.

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