Nearly 450 private hospitals in Jaipur on indefinite strike

28 Aug 2016 | By Sneha Johny
Nearly 450 private hospitals in Jaipur on strike

Around 450 private hospitals in the city of Jaipur, in Rajasthan, went on strike after Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) sealed Khandaka hospital.

Khandaka hospital is one of the city's top private hospitals, located at one of the residential zones.

After the officials declared the hospital sealed, almost 450 private hospitals in the city, located across various residential areas, went on an indefinite strike.

In context: Nearly 450 private hospitals in Jaipur on strike

AboutJaipur Development Authority

Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) is the board slotted under the Government of Rajasthan, for implementing civic and developmental plans across the city.

The board draws up facilities for implementing basic amenities in the city, while also overseeing infrastructural improvements in the city.

The JDA currently has its head office at JLN Marg, which is located near Jaipur's famous Birla Temple.

28 Aug 2016Nearly 450 private hospitals in Jaipur on indefinite strike

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What is the impact of the strike?

28 Aug 2016What is the impact of the strike?

After the hospitals went on the indefinite strike from 4.30 pm on Saturday, around 450 hospitals posted and issued circulars outside their gates.

The notices stated that the hospitals would not hold any consultations or admit any patients for indefinite period.

This closure will impact government hospitals, and push additional burden as the patients will automatically flood the government hospitals for medical aid.

Private hospitals and nursing homes society's (PHNHS) stand

"Khandaka hospital is not the only hospital in the city which is situated in residential area. There are more than 90% of the private hospitals which are situated in residential areas. Today, they have sealed Khandaka hospital, tomorrow they will seal other such hospitals."- PHNHS

28 Aug 2016What are the proposals put forth to the state government?

While the PHNHS secretary Dr. Vijay Kapoor said that this issue is taking over most private hospitals in the city, with the government's stand that the private hospitals are getting commercialized.

He suggested that the government should amend the rules and regulations.

The society said that the indefinite strike will only end after they obtain a written assurance against this event from the government.

Jaipur Medical Association supports indefinite strike

"For private hospitals, the government should make amendments in its rules and regulations. They government is not charging urban development tax from private hospitals like any other commercial set up," said Jaipur Medical Association's secretary, supporting the strike.