Burari-horror: CBI finds family members didn't commit suicide


15 Sep 2018

Burari deaths: It wasn't suicide, but accident, finds CBI report

The deaths of eleven members of a family in Delhi's Burari sent horror waves across the nation, and now an investigation by CBI has concluded they didn't commit suicide, but it was an accident.

In July, the members of the family were found dead and gagged.

The Delhi police wrote to CBI asking them to conduct the psychological autopsy, and the conclusions are shocking.

Psychological autopsy

CBI conducts psychological autopsy, here's what they concluded

CBI conducts psychological autopsy, here's what they concluded

In a psychological autopsy, the intention is to study the state of mind of a person before the death. For this, the person's medical records are analyzed and his friends and family members interviewed.

In this case, CBI spoke to the family's eldest son Dinesh Singh Chundawat and his sister Sujata Nagpal.

The Delhi police received the report from CBI on Wednesday evening.


CBI finds they died by accident while performing ritual

The report ruled out mass suicide and noted the family members died after an accident occurred while performing the ritual.

The CBI's Central Forensic Science Laboratory looked through notes in the family's home and spoke to relatives and friends of the deceased.

In diaries spanning 11 years, the family had written about attaining God.

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No one intended to end their life, says report

"On the basis of psychological autopsy study on the deceased, the incident was not a suicide but an accident that occurred during the course of performing a ritual. None of the deceased had an intention to put an end to his/her life," the report read.


The deaths which shocked the nation

The deaths which shocked the nation

Earlier reports stated that Lalit, one of the family members, got visions of his deceased father and used to dictate to others what to do.

He may have driven the family to perform the rituals in which their hands, feet, were tied, and mouths covered with cloth.

The deceased included a 15-year-old boy, a newly engaged girl, and a 77-year-old elderly woman, among others.

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Burari Deaths

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