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15 Sep 2018

Want to learn 'sanskaar'? Head to this MP University

MP University teaches how to be 'sanskari'

A Madhya Pradesh University is all set to include a three-month course for students, which might not widen their academic knowledge, but will make them 'sanskaari'.

The Barkatullah University will roll out a new programme meant to instil values in students and make them 'sanskaari' wives or husbands.

In what can be seen as an attempt to quell criticism, the authorities have made it gender-neutral.

In context

MP University teaches how to be 'sanskari'
Heads of departments met, decided details of course

The course

Heads of departments met, decided details of course

A meeting was held on September 4, which was attended by Heads of various departments, including Sociology and Psychology.

At the meeting, the details of the course, like structure, design and syllabus, were discussed.

The idea behind this course is to teach students of the young generation how to develop healthy relationships and live a fulfilling life.

University's V-C explains why this course came into being

Dr DC Gupta, the University's V-C said, "In view of rising societal problems and intra-family relationship, we have decided that there is a need for such a course. It would be designed in a manner that anybody can take admission in it."

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Students have mixed reactions about this course

Notably, the students of the University had mixed views about this programme. A final year student of Military Science said she welcomed the course but it should be based on logic.

"The course shouldn't include any excerpts and character from any religious books because that we can learn at home," she said.

Another student, Saurabh Singh, called it a mere publicity stunt.

BJP welcomes the course, Congress has inhibitions


BJP welcomes the course, Congress has inhibitions

The announcement of the course drew political lines. A member of ruling BJP said it was the duty of the University to develop minds of youngsters.

"If educationists feel that such education is required for the youngsters, they can go ahead," he said.

But Opposition Congress felt such courses should be included at elementary classes, and not in colleges.

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