Odisha police warns about Olivia porn hoax on WhatsApp

15 Sep 2018 | By Shiladitya Ray
Odisha police now warns about the Olivia Hoax

The shadow cyber games space is keeping the Odisha police on their toes.

Just days after it issued an advisory against the killer 'Momo Challenge' game being circulated on WhastApp, Odisha police have now issued another advisory on something called the 'Olivia Hoax', a spam porn message being circulated on WhatsApp that is targeting unsuspecting children.

Here are the details.

In context: Odisha police now warns about the Olivia Hoax

15 Sep 2018Odisha police warns about Olivia porn hoax on WhatsApp

Olivia HoaxFirst, what is the Olivia Hoax?

The Olivia Hoax looks to lure unsuspecting children on to porn sites.

For the hoax, the sender pretends to be friend of a friend, or an existing friend of a WhatsApp number.

When a WhatsApp user engages with the unknown sender, he/she sends a link that, on the pretext of showing a photo of Olivia, lures the user to porn sites.

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What the Odisha police have recommended

AdvisoryWhat the Odisha police have recommended

The Crime Branch of the Odisha police took to Twitter to warn users about the Olivia hoax.

Citizens have been advised not to click on links from unknown senders, and parents have been advised to keep a strict check on their children's activities on the internet.

Additionally, police have also advised citizens to not engage with unknown numbers on WhatsApp.

Tweet warning about Olivia Hoax shows sample conversations

Momo ChallengeOn September 1, Odisha police had warned about Momo Challenge

Earlier, on September 1, the Odisha police issued an advisory about the killer game, Momo Challenge that was being circulated via unknown WhatsApp numbers.

The unidentified malicious actors, the Odisha police warned, were targeting vulnerable teenagers and driving them to commit suicide by partaking in the final task of the Momo Challenge.

With several people having fallen prey worldwide, parents and teachers were warned.

Don't meddle with her, warns Odisha police