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16 Sep 2018

#TravelBytes: 5 most haunted places in Bengaluru

List of haunted places in Bengaluru

As is common knowledge, the 'Silicon Valley of India', Bengaluru is India's IT hub, and is not short of any aspect of modern civilization.

From skyscrapers to high-end technology, Bangalore has it all.

But that's not all there is to the city, at some places, things can take ugly notes during night time.

These are the 5 most haunted places in Bengaluru.

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List of haunted places in Bengaluru
Terra Vera, St Marks Road

Terra Vera

Terra Vera, St Marks Road

Built in 1943 by an Anglo-Indian lawyer, the house Terra Vera, which was recently razed to ground, was gifted by him to his two daughters- Dolce and Vera.

After one of the sisters was murdered here in 2002, people started witnessing eerie behavior at the place, like unexplained falling of temperatures, weird sightings, and mysterious sounds and noises.

Kalpalli Cemetery

Kalpalli Cemetery, Sarvagna Nagar

One of the oldest cemeteries in Bengaluru, Kalpalli, located near Old Madras Road is counted among the most haunted places in Bengaluru.

If the backdrop of a cemetery isn't scary enough in itself, passers-by have witnessed sightings of a creepy-looking man roaming around the graves at odd hours, who disappears when approached.

Others even claimed to have seen spirits rising out of their graves.

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The haunted highway!


The haunted highway!

One of the longest highways in Karnataka, the NH4 can turn your humble journey into a nightmare.

Among many anecdotes- once, a man driving down the highway stopped to give lift to a young lady, and when the man asked her where she was headed to, the woman disappeared only to appear later with hysterical laughs and scary looks on her face.

Int'l Airport

Kempegowda International Airport, Devanahalli

An unlikely candidate for haunted places, the Kempegowda International Airport gets a bad rep as many taxi drivers in the vicinity have caught sight of a lady ghost wrapped in a white saree.

A pilot once recalled an incident, when he spotted the white-saree ghost asking for help, only to disappear moments later.

Victoria Hospital, Fort Road

Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital, Fort Road

Been serving patients for more than a century in the Bengaluru city, the Victoria Hospital located near the Bengaluru City Market, has been receiving some undue attention recently.

People claim to have seen the ghost loitering around the resident tree in the hospital garden.

Funnily enough, the ghost reportedly has been stealing biryani packets and and tea from the hospital canteen.

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