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23 Sep 2018

#HealthBytes: Tips to have safe oral sex

How to have safe oral sex?

Sexual stimulation on a partner using the mouth, tongue and lips is what we call oral sex.

Oral sex is quite common among sexually active adults.

However, just like other forms of sexual activity, oral sex can also be dangerous, in terms of transmission of infections (STIs), even if it's not very common.

Thus, here are general tips to help practise safe oral sex.

In context

How to have safe oral sex?

How can STDs pass while having oral sex?

Many dreadful STIs/STDs like gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, HPV and HIV may pass from an infected person to their partner through discharge in the mouth, throat, genitals and rectum. The risk depends on the type of infection and the sexual acts performed.

General tips to prevent catching/giving sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

General tips

General tips to prevent catching/giving sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Here are some general tips to prevent spread of STIs from oral sex:

Limit your number of sexual partners.

Openly communicate with your partners about your and their sexual health histories.

Go for regular STI check-ups, to make sure, both you and your partner test negative for any of the infections.

Avoid engaging in sexual activity, when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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Safe sex tips

Simple tips to practise safe oral sex

To ensure safe oral sex, follow these simple tips:

While practising oral sex on the penis, always use a non-lubricated latex or polyurethane-based condom.

Further, while having oral sex involving the vagina or the anus, use a dental dam.

In case a dental dam isn't available, cut open a condom to create a square and apply to mouth to create barrier while having oral-sex.

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