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29 Sep 2018

IIT-FIITJEE row: DMRC covers up FIITJEE logo at metro station

IIT-FIITJEE row: FIITJEE logo temporarily covered up

In the latest development in the row between IIT-Delhi and coaching institute FIITJEE, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has temporarily covered all mentions of FIITJEE's name at the IIT-Delhi metro station, till the time an issue pertaining to the size of a disclaimer is solved.

The row began earlier this year, when IIT-Delhi raised objections about the metro station being named "FIITJEE IIT".

In context

IIT-FIITJEE row: FIITJEE logo temporarily covered up
IIT-Delhi didn't want to be associated with FIITJEE


IIT-Delhi didn't want to be associated with FIITJEE

IIT-Delhi raised objections about the naming of the metro station earlier this year when it started receiving queries about whether it had officially tied up with FIITJEE.

Subsequently, the premier engineering institute raised the matter with the DMRC, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

IIT-Delhi had also moved the Delhi High Court about the issue.

People had been asking whether IIT had collaborated with FIITJEE

"We had received inquiries from alumni and students asking if we have entered in collaboration with FIITJEE. And, that's why we had raised the matter the authorities and also filed a writ petition," said IIT-Delhi registrar, Sandeep Chatterjee.

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HC order

Delhi HC ordered for a disclaimer to be put up

In May, the Delhi High Court ordered the DMRC to put up a disclaimer at the metro station to inform commuters that there was absolutely no connection between IIT-Delhi and FIITJEE.

IIT-Delhi had contended that this disclaimer had to be "large enough to be read by commuters".

However, there's still an ongoing dispute about the size of the disclaimer.


FIITJEE and station licensee in disclaimer size dispute

The DMRC, since 2014, has been co-branding several of its stations for additional revenue. The "FIITJEE IIT" station happens to be one among the dozens.

The process of co-branding involves the DMRC leasing out the station's branding to a licensee who then strikes a deal with a company/organization for co-branding the station.

The disclaimer size dispute is thus between FIITJEE and the licensee.

DMRC's statement on the dispute

"The FIITJEE branding has been temporarily covered till all issues pertaining to the display of the disclaimer are finalized between the (third-party) licensee and the brand (FIITJEE)," a Delhi Metro spokesperson said on Friday.

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