PM Modi on country's first housing society


30 Sep 2018

Country's first housing society set up under Sardar Patel: PM

PM Narendra Modi said today the country's first housing society was set up in 1927 under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Gujarat.

Addressing a gathering after inaugurating various projects in Gujarat's Anand, Modi said that when Sardar Patel won municipal election in Ahmedabad by a solitary vote and became its Chairman, he for the first time introduced the concept of urban development.

The concept

Sardar Patel inaugurated housing society in 1927: Modi

Sardar Patel inaugurated housing society in 1927: Modi

"And, the first experiment (Patel's) was that of creating a housing society to give people from the middle-income group houses," PM Modi said.

Modi said one Pritam Rai Desai was asked to initiate work on this project, and under Sardar Patel's leadership and guidance, the first housing society was formed in Gujarat's Ahmedabad.

"Sardar saheb inaugurated it on January 28, 1927," Modi said.

Nutritious milk

Modi was mocked for advocating use of camel milk

Modi further said that when he was Gujarat's Chief Minister, he had advocated the use of camel milk, but he was mocked for it.

"I said camel milk is very nutritious...but I was mocked at. Cartoons and derogatory comments were made against me. Today, Amul's chocolates have a huge market and rate of camel milk is double than that of cow milk," Modi said.

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