Vivek Tiwari murder: Second FIR registered by wife


01 Oct 2018

Vivek Tiwari murder: Second-FIR registered, Kejriwal slammed, and other details

In the death of Apple executive Vivek Tiwari, a fresh FIR was registered on Sunday accusing constable Prashant Chowdhary of putting the nozzle of his pistol on the windshield and firing at the deceased.

The new FIR also alleges Sana Khan, Vivek's colleague, wasn't allowed to receive or make calls and was forced to sign a blank paper.

Vivek's wife Kalpana lodged the second FIR.

What happened

Fearing constables' misbehavior with Sana, Vivek drove, was shot at

Fearing constables' misbehavior with Sana, Vivek drove, was shot at

According to the second FIR, Vivek was worried the constables might misbehave with Sana, so he drove his vehicle.

Just then, constable Sandip Kumar tried to put his baton inside the SUV. Prashant, who was on another side, allegedly put the pistol's nozzle in the windshield and fired.

Kalpana said Sana read the constables' names and confirmed Prashant's firing led to Vivek's death.

Constable fired with an intention to kill, tells FIR

"ASM (Vivek) sir got scared and as he had a female friend with him, he tried to move his car by escaping. Prashant Chaudhary, who was on the front seat, put his pistol against the windshield and fired with an intention to kill," the FIR read.

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Sana was made to sign blank paper by police officials

Further, Sana alleged she was made to sign a blank paper. A scared Sana, did as the police officers asked.

Notably, the first FIR was registered on Sana's complaint against Prashant. About the second FIR, ADG Lucknow Rajeev Krishna said Vivek's family demanded one.

"A family member would be more interested in pursuing the case in court if it is prolonged," he said.

Cover up

Notably, UP Minister agrees cops tried to cover up

Notably, UP Minister agrees cops tried to cover up

Brijesh Pathak, state's Law and Justice minister, agreed with Kalpana's claims that cops tried to cover up the crime.

"Let me also make it very clear, I am also seeing that distinguished cops are trying to cover up the matter," he said.

He added the first FIR was written in the wrong manner. "There will be an investigation against the police too," he stated.


Meanwhile, Prashant's wife creates ruckus, claims husband is innocent

Just as the UP police force is being slammed for its inhumane act, Prashant's wife Rakhi Malik has said her husband is innocent and fired in self-defense.

She wanted an FIR to be registered against Vivek for allegedly trying to run over Prashant.

Rakhi created nuisance at residence-cum-camp office of SSP Lucknow Kalanidhi Naithani and was later taken away by two female constables.


Separately, Arvind Kejriwal's 'Hindu' jab on murder invites ire

Separately, Arvind Kejriwal's 'Hindu' jab on murder invites ire

Weighing in on the crime, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted on Sunday that BJP didn't care about Hindus.

In another tweet, he wrote, "Vivek Tiwari was a Hindu. BJP does not protect the interest of Hindus."

His attempt to give the crime a communal color led to #VultureKejriwal becoming a top trend on Twitter.

Further, Kalpana also slammed the Delhi CM.

Don't connect everything to religion, Kalpana says criticizing Kejriwal

"He (Kejriwal) does not know what I am going through. No politics should be played over my husband's death. Please do not connect everything to faith and religion," Kalpana said. She also added the Narendra Modi government looked after every section of society.

No amount of apology will be enough, UP DGP says

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