Navy stealth destroyer being launched this week

16 Sep 2016 | By Supriya Kaur

Mormugao, another warship for the Indian Navy and a stealth destroyer of the Visakhapatnam Class, will be launched this Saturday at the Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL).

The 7,300 tonnes Mormugao was constructed under Project 15B and its launch is ahead of schedule.

The first 15B destroyer by MDL was launched in mid-2015.

Since 2010, MDL has supplied the Navy one warship every year.

In context: The unveiling of Navy's newest stealth destroyer

ProfileMazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited

MDL is a public sector undertaking under the Ministry of Defence that's primarily engaged in building warships and submarines for the Navy.

Over last 6 years, the Indian Navy inducted 8 frontline warships and launched 5: these are currently being constructed.

Designing of futuristic stealth frigates, P17A is underway and work will commence work in 2017.

MDL is also building six Scorpene submarines.

DetailsBuilding the Indian Navy's strength

The Navy has a target of having 212 ships in its fleet by 2027 and Mormugao will "add teeth" to the fleet according to Vice-Admiral GS Pabby.

He added that for the first time naval forces built so many ships of different variants and this process helped with indigenisation.

In 2011, the government had sanctioned four 15B destroyers at the cost of Rs.29,700 crores.

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Navy's Statement

According to a statement by the Indian Navy on the launch of Mormugao, "These ships are among the most technologically advanced guided missile destroyers in the world, with state-of-the-art weapons/sensors package, advanced stealth features and a high degree of automation."

16 Sep 2016Navy stealth destroyer being launched this week

Mormugao's Launch

DetailsMormugao's Launch

Named after the Goan port of Mormugao, Navy's latest destroyer will be launched by the Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba in Mumbai.

Constructed on dry land, the launch will take place by letting the ship's hull float in water for the first time, a milestone for every vessel.

More than 60% of the ship has been built domestically and is considered highly 'indigenized'.

SpecificationsWorld's most advanced destroyers

Mormugao's most crucial sensor is an Israeli-designed 'Multi-Function Surveillance Threat Alert Radar' (MF-STAR) which can track in-the-air targets few hundred kilometres away.

After locking on a target, the MF-STAR can direct Barak 8 Long-Range Surface to Air missiles to intercept them.

These missiles are one of most sophisticated in the world and have the capability to intercept enemy aircraft/supersonic missiles at 70 kilometres away.

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Supersonic missiles on board!

In addition to the Barak 8 missiles, the Mormugao is also equipped with the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile that can intercept enemy aircraft or other targets, whether at land or at sea, at a massive 300 kilometres away.

17 Sep 2016The 'Mormugao' is finally launched

The Indian Navy's newest guided missile destroyer was launched by Reena Lanba, Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba's wife at 11.58 am today.

The 'Mormugao' was launched into the Arabian Sea for the first time; this milestone event was attended by naval officers, sailors and MDL workers.

The vessel will undergo mandatory testing by the Indian Navy and will subsequently be known as INS-Mormugao.